February 04, 2005

The big orange couch

More than once have i had discussions on this topic with people, and it does provide for interesting entertainment and mildly amusing renditions of theme songs.

Do you guys remember all of the old shows? All the good ones they took off the air? Hey dude, All that, with the old cast, like Lori Beth Dimburgs advice for every day life, and when Amanda Bynes was younger, Kenan teaching us French, the most ridiculous and not-for-every-day-use phrases, then there was Are you afraid of the dark? What about Salute your Shorts? Clarissa explains it all? I used to watch Snick, every Friday and Saturday for the weekend line up. I miss those shows. I got to thinking about this again yesterday morning when my roommate put on Saved by the Bell reruns at 7am. I thought to myself " I miss watching this when it was new, and then i got to thinking how much shows suck without the original cast. Like All that, now, i won't watch it, it was on for awhile, i don't know if it still is, but i miss the old cast, its just not the same. And the Addams Family, after the original Gomez died, i couldn't watch the show the same way, its just not the same to see a different person portraying someone who they aren't. I know the rest of you guys out their remember these shows, but does anyone else have the same problem, lsoing interest in things that are different then they used to be in our younger days?

Posted by Lori Rupert at February 4, 2005 01:38 PM

I think that a lot of the loss of interest happens when one of two things happens:

1. You get older and grow out of it.
2. The show starts to lose those there original viewers and the producers decide to make big changes to bring in new viewers that causes the old viewers to run away with sad looks on their faces. (Can ya tell that this has happened to me once or twice?)

Have no fear Lori. One day they will come back with something that will grab your attenetion again!

Posted by: Tiffany at February 9, 2005 11:12 PM

Well, theres always classic bugs and daffy, they will never take those away...and i do like cartoons(family guy, fairly odd parents)among others, when i have time to watch them..haha.

Posted by: Lori at February 11, 2005 12:56 PM
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