April 12, 2005

Waldo and campus police: One and the same

Its the middle of the afternoon, im in McKenna Rec Center, doing my thing on the elliptical machine, and the stationary bike, i turn around to leave, what do i see? A campus police officer sitting on one of the weight benches. Rewind and/or fast forward to another day, im driving off campus somewhere, i see the campus police vehicle parked, empty. We have got the officer, the vehicle, neither of which are doing any good remaining stationary. People parked illegally during the day, mainly students who do so in order to be on time for their classes and to avoid a mile long hike, get ticketed, get ticketed, and oh, did i mention get ticketed?

However, what i am wondering, where are our wonderful crime fighting officers on the weekends? I came back saturday afternoon, i was looking forward to finding a nice juicy parking spot in C lot, angled parking, oohh its my favorite, thus preventing me from hiking to Maura from D lot, and what did i find? Full parking lots. B lot was full, C lot was relatively full. Ok, no problem, its a nice day, i can walk right? Sure, sure. I can't tell you how many illegal parking jobs i saw. In A lot for example, seriously, way to make your own parking spots people. I wish i could get that creative and not get a ticket, and way to park so i have to manuever Big Red(my jeep) around cars similar to manuevering around cones. I saw ALL KINDS of ridiculously packed areas, most of the cars parked there being done so illegally. So where is campus security? Are the people that come here on Saturdays somehow better than us students? Is it because they are adults? Wow, im an adult in college, i get all the best illegal parking spots. Where are these brave men? Are they even scheduled to work? Shouldn't they be? The weekends are SHUs most acurate representation of its "dry campus" policy, we don't have classes, we are rowdy with spring fever, and we have no law enforcement. Anonymous sources have told me that one does not get ticketed if parking in A lot on the weekends, even if one is a resident. Interesting. Maybe, this weekend, i will park my car in the middle of Sullivan lawn. Perhaps by parking like a ridiculous asshole, i can avoid being ticketed. Seriously, campus police must be with Waldo, because i sure as hell can't find either of them.

Posted by Lori Rupert at April 12, 2005 08:54 AM
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