September 02, 2005

Back with a bang and out with a bang

I beleive it was sometime in June, or maybe late May when i came across a computer, brushed the dust off my blog and made an entry. Since then however, my blog has remained barren and dry, lacking of any inspirational or entertaining words. This was due mainly to my lack of access this summer, and the "getting settled into my first week of school" syndrome. I have been thinking of writing for awhile, but the true inspiration for this entry, and the actual motivation to do it instead of the reading i should be doing for another class, was inspired by my Topics in Culture Wars class. Miss Amanda Cochran has writen a brief entry about the subject matter as well, although while hers was brief and general, mine has a bit of a solid focus, mixed with my own thoughts.

After my long and involved explanation of my "disappearance" from the blog world this summer, i promise you, i am leading up to something of entertainment. I know i said i was done, but this whole subject of entertainment involves just a little more background information, focusing once again on (eek!) this summer.
So while i was working up in Ohio, same as last summer, for those of you that remember, i started dating Drew. Usually, late evening, i would find myself sitting in Drew's apartment watching one of numerous movies he had, most of which i hadn't seen. One night, he decides he is going to make me sit down and watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, a Hunter S. Thompson movie, who was a famous "gonzo" journalist, for anyone still completely confused as to what the hell i am talking about. I must say, it was the most twisted movie i had ever seen. I have seen a few psychologically twisted movies in my time, but this wasn't even twisted in a psychological way, it was so much more disturbing than that. I loved it. I want the book.
But anyways, after a brief description of what the movie was about and exactly who Hunter S. Thompson was, i was astounded. Im a journalist, how can i not have heard about this man and his practice? No teacher had ever mentioned it, i had never heard it on the news, nothing. So it sat in the back of my mind, but my curiousity wasn't insanely peaked, merely just touching on slightly interested, "oh that was an interesting movie, ok now i know who he is."
However, i came to school, and my first class, Topics in Culture Wars, where we have a different discussion topic each week, introduced me once again to this man. Hunter S. Thompson was our discussion for the week. I told Drew, and he was extremely excited by the fact, even going so far as to call his brother Matt and find out where i could get the best/most information on this topic.
After a time of researching HST, i came up with a full page front and back of interesting facts, and sayings. Funny thing is, now im fascinated by him, and even more disturbed by the fact that i had never heard of him. The stuff he has written, the stuff that has been written about him, i could read and read and read. However, upon doing so, i would have more information than i would be able to share with the class all semester, let alone in one period, and i would be doing nothing but researching. So, upon filling the back of a page, i decided it was time for me to stop now, although in my free time i will continue to research and respond, just not necessarily for the purpose of the classroom. The last thing i came across though, that i decided to blog, so i didn't have to actually break it up to put certain sections in my notes for discussion in class, is great. It is a topic i have argued with many guys over, and that i have a very strong opinion about.I have always said that: It is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all." Hunter S. Thompson brings up this same question(in more general terms) in his piece Security. The last question is absolutely amazing, and can, im sure, proved extremely detailed, in depth discussions.

"Who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived, or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?"
Since this entry is already quite a long one, im going to give my answer, without actually stating my argument(although i do have one), and if anyones interest is peaked, maybe my comment box will turn into a lovely little discussion. It is, above all, better to be the man who has braved the storm of life and lived. He will ultimately be the happier man. He may be the one with more emotions and pain, but as an end result, he will be happy.

Posted by Lori Rupert at September 2, 2005 12:24 AM
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