September 07, 2006

Interactive Fiction...I'm not so sure...

Yes, i am an English major, Journalism and Creative Writing to be exact, and i love to write...stories/fiction are a big part of my life...but i'm not so sure i want it incorporated into a video game. I know how to play video games, i enjoy them, but this interactive fiction business..i'm not so sure about. I started to play both "pick up the phone booth and die" and "9:05" but i didn't get very far before getting frustrated. I typed in several commands which were stated as "not recognized". Okay, so what the hell do you want me to type? I tried typing what i thought was fit, finally, i get one right, except i forgot to remove my clothes before i tried to jump in the shower and the game yelled at me. I also forgot to get off the bed....and take my possessions out of my pocket...and tell the game which direction i wanted to reminded me of when i had this class and we had to write exact instructions, including things that people would assume they had to do. Why couldn't my character just shower? Can't he assume on his own that he needs to remove his possesions from his pocket? It just seems to move so slow to me, that i have to provide such step-by-step instructions. It got frustrating and boring to me after awhile...i think i'd just rather have a real video game where i know what i have to do and how to do it instead of the interactive fiction puzzle where i have to think, type, be rejected, and then retype before i finally move on. I dabbled with all of the games, but didn't get very far on them because it really just wasn't interesting to me. I don't really know if i like this idea of interactive fiction. Give me a book or a video game, but please, don't try to give me both in one.

Posted by Lori Rupert at September 7, 2006 01:14 PM
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