September 08, 2006

Is it really deserved...or just funny as hell?

Karissa made a very good point in her blog entry pertaining to Laura K. Krishna. I didn't even begin to think of the entry or the actions Nate Kushner made as being a hoax. I'm glad for the alternate point of view that Karissa has presented, however i don't agree with it. Reading the entry that Nate made was quite an enjoyable experience for me. I laughed, and i thought that i probably would have done the same thing. Or at least i would have thought about it...and then decided against it for whatever reason. I think that what Nate did was the climax of plagarizing in Lauras life, if the entire thing was indeed true. I don't understand how everyone is ragging on Nate for what he did, when really, Laura is the one at fault. There are 225 comments on Nates blog from various people who were either bashing Laura:

"I work at a university library and plagiarism is my biggest pet peeve. I hope this student learns her lesson ... a lesson ... anything at all from this.

(Great job on the paper, by the way. I especially liked the part about "Dharma and Greg".)

Posted by Halsted

Or Nate:

"I think your action is even more reprehensible than hers. She may have felt under great time pressure and needed help, even if she did go about finding it in the wrong way. If you had wanted to make some kind of moral statement and teach her a point about plagarism, you could have done so without torturing her. Her motive may have been need - your motive was cruelty and ego. You action is nothing tantamount to pulling wings off flies. Yes she should be ashamed of herself, but you should be even more ashamed."

Posted by Keith. Keith doesn't have a link to his blog on his comment, however the link is to his email address. His comment is the 12th one down on the original "Laura K. Krishna is a Plagarist" post. It is not on the thread.

Personally, i don't think that Nate is the one at fault. Let us recap. Laura solicits A PERFECT STRANGER for the sole purpose of writing her a paper so she can pass a class. This is a dean's list student, more than likely a second or third year college student. She did tell Nate that she could fix the citations so we have to assume that she has learned something from whatever amount of time she has actually spent in college. We also have to assume that at some point she has done her own work to learn how to do these things...on the other hand, no we don't. It is very possible that is the only thing she learned how to do so that she could solicit people to do her work. Hmmm.

Anyways, we all know how dangerous the internet can be these days, you know, with people stalking you just because you have your address on myspace or any other preffered online communication site. Why in the hell would she ask someone she doesn't even know? Ask someone you know! Laura went about things completely the wrong way. I guess her parents never taught her that she shouldn't trust strangers. Hopefully Nate taught her this useful lesson along with the lesson of why one should not plagarize. Laura was not smart about this at all. I mean, since we are assuming and all, she could be a very bright girl, perhaps she is just lazy. However, she has now given the world, via the internet, the impression that she is not bright. At all.

Nate did the honest thing, the right thing. He turned someone in for plagarism. He just happened to make an ass out of her when he did it. I know people who have turned others in for plagarism. They believed they were doing the right thing, and so did Nate. We, as English majors, teachers, authors, writers, whomever, have to respect that.

Notice how Nate has a much shorter paragraph....

I really think that i would have at least considered doing the same thing. Laura just messed with the wrong person. There are some people in this world that are amused by such twisted actions. Whether or not i would have actually done that...i probably wouldn't have used the person's real name, rather used a pseudonym on my blog, but still have turned the person in.

Another thing to take into consideration though is the fact that Nate may have done just that. Who says he used her real name? Who says he used her real school? Maybe he turned her in to her professor and wanted to extend the lesson thus far, but saved her humiliation by publishing with a false name.

Regradless, I don't think the entire thing was a hoax, after all, in the comment that Karissa quoted on her blog:

"I was not entirely truthful in my story" and then later states an apology to: "the real Laura K. Krishna. I didn't know there was one when I chose that pseudonym."

So perhaps he did only lie about somethings, one thing...the real name. He never reveals the entire post a hoax.

The last thought i have on this topic: Yes, Laura K. Krishna may have been on the deans list, but when she is desparate enough to solicit a complete stranger over the internet to write a paper for her, how the hell do you think she got put on there in the first place?

Posted by Lori Rupert at September 8, 2006 10:54 AM
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