September 08, 2006

Communication Revelation

I have been thinking alot about communication. I reached the peak of my interest and actually managed to piece my thoughts together this morning in my Communication Theories and Technologies class. The first real occurence of my Communication Revelation happened in my New Media Projects class. The main thing we will be doing in this class is discussing aspects of video games and eventually producing out own computer games. Upon my first instance of contact with the interactive fiction designing software, i was ready to quit. I had trouble determining what exactly the computer wanted me to type in order to move on within the game. The sensation i had was similar to one i had felt previously. At some point during my school career, i remember having an assignment about writing instructions. We had to write instructions on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We even had to include specific things that one would assume someone knows how to do. For example, we had to write open the jar. As students, we had to be so literal in our instructions to our unnamed audeince. Interactive fiction reminded me of this. When writing the actual code for interactive fiction, you have to be extremely specific with your commands and you have to sequentially use commands the gaming system understands. Upon realizing this, after some one-on-one play with the software during class, i really began to think. Having to pay attention to such small details and actually write them out instead of just pushing them out of your head, really causes one to think in a simpler manner. Maybe it even helped my breakdown/analytical skills.

Previous to the interactive fiction realization, i had to do an excercise in my Communication Theories and Technologies class. In order to sharpen our communication skills, Dr. Klapak, showed us a shoe. Pink, purple and white. Seeing only the show, knowing nothing else, we had to determine our audience and write a set of instructions on how to tie said shoe. After we all had finished, Dr. Klapak had some students read their pieces aloud and demonstrated each with the shoe. Of most of the pieces he had demonstrated, none of the authors had thought simply enough. This is how my New Media Projects class related to communication for me. We had to think in simple enough terms, remembering that our audience was a computer.

Later in this same day, more like early into the next day, a friend of mine and i were talking and he said, "You have to know your enemy to win." I thought, wow, that really relates to communications. To be able to overcome an enemy, you have to know what fuels them, their weaknesses, their where abouts, you really do have to "know" them in a sense, to be able to destroy them. Or at least beat them. Communications can be seen as one and the same. In order to please your audience, to make them your customers, you must know them inside and out. You must know as much as completely possible about your target audience in order to communicate with them properly.

I was excited about the fact that i was able to connect these thoughts. I guess various aspects of my mind are learning to properly communicate with the others in order for me to tie three separate situations together and relate them all using their core: Communications.

I wonder though, are Communications professionals the ones who write goofy warnings on tags? Such as seen on my step-sisters curling iron: Do not use while sleeping.

It could be interesting to see what kind of things i can come up with that enable me to communicate fully with my audience.

Posted by Lori Rupert at September 8, 2006 11:50 PM

Hah! Yes, those warning labels are ridiculous, but I'd say they're a sign that we're an overlawyered society. Like the notices on fast-food coffee cups: "Contents may be hot!"

But seriously, I enjoyed reading how you took several experiences and tied them together. (No pun intended!)

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at September 10, 2006 05:37 PM
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