September 24, 2006

Going Live with Seib (1 and 2): How live is TOO live?

Drawing on what we discussed in class last week, I don't think there is such a thing as "going too live". As far as television is considered, the device serves several purposes whose importance may vary based on the audiences. However, whether those audiences are using television as their news source or not, they still may be subjected to incidents similar to those Seib describes on the first page. Take September 11, for example, the entire world, or at least the portion tuning into the news that morning/afternoon, got to see a significant event of history happen right in front of their eyes. Many would think there is something wrong with this, due to the fact that younger viewers may be watching. Some would say this sort of material is not appropriate to certain age levels. My argument for that is those certain age levels can be subjected to violence or emotionally striking events in their towns, or even in their own homes for that matter. Not to mention fictional violence such as video games and movies. I think that all people need to be aware of these occurences, regardless of their destructive and emotional content. What people see on TV is real, whether or not it is happening close to their homes or even in this country, someway or another it is still going to affect their lives to an extent. There is no reason it should be censored or children should be sheltered. They need to be aware of what is going on in the world as much as adults do. What happens now is going to affect the lives of these children as they grow older, why shouldn't they be aware of it? If they have questions or concerns, parents should try sitting down with their kids and talking about these things. Awareness of what is going on around (you) is an important concept. Without that awareness there would be so many naive people wondering and be confused and scared by things that happen as consequences of certain tragic events. Even if younger viewers are sheltered from these things now, they are going to be exposed to them at a later date and wind up confused and upset, and perhaps with no one to talk to concerning their feelings about the tragedies. If a child can be exposed to pornography and child molestors on the internet, what is so bad about them be exposed to aspects of their own world? Their findings on the internet may not be true even if they are truth based.
At least when one views the television, they know that what is happening is real because it is going on right in front of them. They can then discover the truths and falsifications of the matter. Also, there is no chance of the media presenting things as biased because they haven't had a chance to edit the material as they see fit, which holds a possibility, although a slim one, of presenting the material in a biased way in an attempt to make people think certain things or develop certain feelings. Raw, live news coverage enables a person to see the whole picture, which sequentially enables them to come to their own conclusions rather than seeing certain segments and being forced to make a conclusion on that. Their conclusions are properly based, seeing as how they have all of the information available to them.
I personally, would rather see the whole lot of the action rather than being presented with snippets. I would wonder, "Well, what aren't they showing me? How do i know i am even getting the whole story? What were these reactions of these people based off of?" Live news presents a better understanding of the subject matter and also may help people to have a stronger belief that the incident actually occured. A newspaper article, an internet article, or even a videotape of "live" coverage could all be tampered with. Even though it is unethical to do so, it is still done. The coverage could be edited to the point where it would support or deny an argument so vehemently; if this happened, people would believe it because it is the media, it is supposed to be a reliable source. The only reliable source in my eyes is me. I would rather see it, then i would be able to believe it in its' entirety because i witnessed it with my own eyes. I am all about the exposure, i mean, why not? It is the truth, it is real, and people need to know.

Posted by Lori Rupert at September 24, 2006 07:35 PM
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