September 28, 2006

Hot Text: Not so hot. (Chapters 1 and 2)

On the very first page of Hot Text, Price says, "We are beginning to think structurally as we write." I think this quote is the sole description of what i am learning right now in all of my classes. For New Media Projects we have been working with interactive fiction. You, as the writer of the game, have to present the words in such a simple, structural way so that the computer will be able to understand and interpret them. Also, in many of my classes we are working with identifying our audience, thus having to write with some sort of structure and focus in order to prepare material that relates to that specified audience. There are also parts of text in chapter 1 where i feel as though Price is writing in a sarcastic sense. On page 6, the entire segment of "Information consumers are pushy." How to write for these consumers is presented in several blocks, labeled things such as "Remember me" and "Don't waste my time". Although I'm sure Price is just trying to be forceful and understanding, i think these segments take on an almost sarcastic tone, making fun of the consumers we are supposed to be writing for. The entire chapter deals with pleasing a specified audience whom you have to first identify. I am learning this technique in almost every single one of my classes, which means that i have to learn about all sorts of audiences and vary my writing for each one. So while chapter 1 was really nothing new to me, it was a nice glance at the audience i can expect to have when writing for the web.
Chapter 2, however, i found quite uninteresting. I think that it is somewhat important to learn about the coding and how much it has grown, but i feel that the whole chapter didn't really fit in with the rest of what we have been reading. It seemed like the entire second chapter was a history lesson on HTML. I don't feel that there were any identifiers on how to better prepare your website for readers.

Posted by Lori Rupert at September 28, 2006 09:44 AM
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