September 28, 2006

Hot Text: Pay Attention (Chapters 3 and 4)

"As the eyes and ears of the spirit, attention is what we communicate" The second to last line in Chapter 4. Now, about this line, i thought, personally, and from everything else Price has said thus far, that we needed to pay attention in order to communicate. I don't think the attention is what we communicate to our audience. Rather, we need to pay attention to our audiences, their needs, what they would be interested in, in order to compose a readable text. For example, our audiences needs could be presented in a bulleted list, thus making it easy for them to find and causing them to pay attention to the text in front of them. The text then communicates with them, which is also the author indirectly communicating with them.
I also agree with Chapter 3 and how text onscreen gets fuzzy and realizations such as that. I speak from personal experience when last year, before Christmas break, i had so many papers to write that i had a headache for about four days straight simply from staring at the computer screen for hours each night. Right now, even as i stare at the computer screen it is fuzzy. And text onscreen is harder to concentrate on due to all of the other distractions on the screen. There are advertisements, links, menu buttons, tons of things to be staring at, which is one reason we as writers for the web need to make sure our text is clear, concise and noticable. I think that a web writer should feel free to express themselvs and be creative, which Price also suggests, but it is the most important thing to remain relevant to and serve our audiences. They are the ones we are trying to communicate with, thus everything we can do to insure their understanding should be done.

Posted by Lori Rupert at September 28, 2006 10:18 AM
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