October 02, 2006

Hot Text 5-6: A New Strand of Laziness

Yes, it is nice to go to a website and be able to navigate myself around with enough efficiency that i don' t become frustrated and lose focus on the task at hand. Surely, if i were to get frustrated, i would close the window or move on to another site, much as any other person would. The article Bush wrote, seems to be stating, in a general sense of gathered complaints, that the online community is becoming more difficult and complex. Apparently, from how i understood Price in these past two chapters, our job, along with defining our audience and communicating with them, is making the mutual experience between the two of us as simple as possible. The quote that sends me on my rant is this: "If you put extra thought into the relationship between the headings, you help people grok the structure without too much thinking" (Price 119). Although Price is speaking specifically about headings within this quote, i feel that the quote can be applied to online structure as a whole. We are now required to do the thinking for our audiences and present them with our findings in a laid out, easy to read/navigate manner. It is almost like we are doing the work for them and they are reaping the benefits. It sort of reminds me of someone getting a friend or such to do their homework and then present them with the final product.
It really makes me feel as though people are becoming more and more lazy. They can't even do a little bit of online searching? Maybe it is a time sense, maybe people don't want to waste the time on navigating through something when they should have been provided with direct access. I just feel as though these consumers we are supposed to be writing for expect us, as web writers, to do all the work for them. Why don't they want to think? Why don't they want to interpret? Why don't they want to learn?
On the other hand, by learning all of these things and doing them in order to provide an easier time for my consumer, maybe i am the one reaping all the benefits considering i am now the one who holds all of the knowledge and even further so, now i have gained more skills!

Posted by Lori Rupert at October 2, 2006 02:53 PM
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