October 18, 2006

El405: My first project

I believe, on a general standpoint, one understanding of the Catholic Social Teaching is equal opportunity. Fair treatment for the various colors and sexualities we have present here at SHU. I think this game would have a more solid base if it were an interactive fiction game. It would have a single character, probably of a different race, who was accepted into several other minority categories. The person would be able to walk around and experience the lives of different minorities and races, and also classes. The player will hopefully be able to make a distinction among the various lives they "play" in: We are all the same, people, despite physical differences and we all have hardships and tribulations, although they may be in a different way. A really big thing for me is giving other people a chance, and i think it is important for one to determine the amount of equality present among the varying classes, etc, we have in the world. Here at Seton even. We have a diverse population, which is a great thing, but there is still people out there who need to understand physical differences don't necessarily mean attitude differences, mental or emotional differences.

I am not exactly sure what a goal will be for this game, but i think the main idea is to enable a character to develop several personas and experience a situation in a different way due to their physical differences.

Posted by Lori Rupert at October 18, 2006 05:17 PM
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