October 22, 2006

Tog Toggles (his words).

I suppose i can make this blog entry similar to a "nice" usability report. Tog was very informative in his response. The text was chunked and bolded nicely, and the segmented look of the piece made for easy reading. Also, the language and examples Tog used provided for an easy understanding of the revisions he was suggesting.

Hopefully, since the article centers on usability, Tog has represented a proper version of his suggestions so that the [name withheld] may understand them enough to impliment them. Oops, i forgot to mention i was moving into the "criticism" segment. Well, i do agree with Karissa, Tog did seem to be throwing off the air of a hypocrite, especially with this statement, "(Note: The above is not a license to abandon blue text for links. Unless you have a really sparse site aimed at professional users, where image is more important than productivity, you must stick with blue underlined text.)" I don't really think it is very nice for Tog to assume he can direct me in this way. His entire argument in general seemed to have a confrontational tone. Maybe it did teach a lesson, but it also makes one wonder, why should I listen to someone who is doing exactly what i did? Why is it wrong when I do it?

On the subject of emulation, trying to emulate another writer's style is a very difficult task. Usually, the outcome is silly and completely unrelated to either the original author or the emulator. it doesn't really teach you anything. It is a fun excercise, but i think it is most useful when implimented as a learning technique. We all have voices, as we have been learning in hot text. We should be striving to develop those voices and make them heard. Having them be unique to us will (hopefully) make them stand out more among the crowds. Get your owns style. It can grow and change as you wish. Emulation will trap you within the constrains of a stranger's style. We are all different. We were born different for a reason. Embrace it. Be unique. Okay, i sound like a make love, not war, tie-dye wearing, peace-supporting hippie.

Posted by Lori Rupert at October 22, 2006 11:40 PM
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