November 04, 2006

Interactive Fiction, Oh my!

Not only did we learn about IF in New Media Projects, now we are learning about it in Writing for the Internet. And on the top of my IF sundae, more IF. I have chosen to do my Catholic Social Teaching Project using the Interactive Fiction program Inform 7. I am still going with my initially proposed idea of a game instructing kids to accept others as equal. I wrote up a little bit of a story line describing who the character is that the player impersonates and I also decided to more than likely only develop one separate identity for the character to experience. Dr. Jerz made this suggestion. He suggested that I may continue to develop it for the second project but for the first, one experience would be enough. If i did write a second experience it would be pretty much the same as writing an entire other game. I started putting the story and the written transcript into coding this week. I'm not really having any major problems and when the minor ones arise I try to troubleshoot them myself. For me, relief in EL405 with IF came from looking at someone else's coding. Just seeing an example of what I wanted to do was enough for me to grasp the concept. As far as this game goes, so far so good...but I'm sure it is going to turn out differently than I had planned because the finished product is always a surprise, I think. I just hope that the finished product fulfills the requirement, but above all, I hope I do a good job of teaching someone about CST through a medium that is new to me. Understanding and realization are what I want people to draw from my game, and maybe more of an open, accepting mind. We'll see. I like what I have so far...except I'm having a small problem which I am working on fixing. My game is also a bit more descriptive than my first IF game and maybe a little bit more fiction than an IF should be, but I think that description is a necessary element aiding in the understanding of my game. Certain demographics of the characters need to be realized without me coming right out and saying what they are. I want people to get the feeling in their heads about my characters based on their words and actions. I want to show...not tell...I think that will have more of an effect on my players.

Posted by Lori Rupert at November 4, 2006 11:07 PM
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