November 06, 2006

Media Lab: Third time's a Charm

My last portfolio discussed my difficulties and time constraints, which I can thankfully say have become a little bit easier to manuever this time around. First off, my class action item, which doubles as my group work update also. I have decided to make my group work my action item since I plan to do something extensive for the website. I want to contribute a whole page of tips, and I'm going to code it myself. I had thought about doing something for my high school website, for my project/action items, but something relating to the Setonian would be more beneficial to a larger group of people and would more than likely be of more use. Also, we returned to Seib just in time for this portfolio. Chapter 6...was...a doozy. Matt Drudge is a pretty shady character as Seib describes him.

For my lab report...

Although Lori Rupert has been struggling with finding time for outside work on the Setonian, this issue things came together a little bit easier for her. “I just figured out the best way to work around all of my other responsibilities,” Rupert said.
Even though Rupert wasn’t assigned an article this time, she did help the Setonian in another way. “It has been such a complicated situation,” Rupert said, “Last time I had an article that I couldn’t do for lack of information and this time I didn’t get assigned one at all.” Rupert did not let these things bring her down. She referred to the third time as being “the charm” and it seemed to work out rather well. “I attended a layout lab with my Media Lab class and I have been interested in layout since last year,” Rupert said.
Although the paper was still in the first stages, Lorin Schumacher had assured Rupert there would be something for her to do. Schumacher and Rupert set up a meeting time when they were both actually free. “Lorin was really great about the whole thing. She understood my time constraints and rearranged her schedule a little bit so she could be at the office when I was,” Rupert said.
Rupert got to the office at the scheduled meeting time and Schumacher was there, along with Valerie Masciarelli and Mike Diezmos. The computer wasn’t logging on properly so Schumacher asked if Rupert would just copy edit.
“I told her that I sort of had my own way of doing it and wasn’t really used to the AP marks but I would try my best to get them correct,” Rupert said, “I edited quite a few articles and stayed for about 50 minutes and then we all had to leave for class.”
An accomplishment was made and Rupert had successfully found a way to get outside Setonian time. For the next issue, Rupert wants to learn a little bit about layout. “I was intrigued by the workshop even more than I already had been. I wanted to do it this time, but the computers weren’t working and other things needed done. I’m going to try and set up a meeting with Lorin like that again,” Rupert said.

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