November 06, 2006

Taking Action: For the Class Action Item

I had initially proposed a class action item in my last portfolio of redoing my high school's website, however there had also been talk of revising the NMJ site. For our last class, Leslie posted a blog about her ideas for contributing to and improving the NMJ site. I thought that she had some great ideas and said so to her.

The comment I left:

"This is a great idea! If people can have one source that they go to that has separate links for individual topics that they have questions about, it would make things alot easier. I think that it would make it easier on the writer of the article and also on the editors who may not have the time to explain the conventions of AP style. Plus, I think it is more beneficial for the writer to learn the techniques on their own. I think they will be able to absorb these things more."

I explained myself to Dr. Jerz and said that I think the most beneficial thing to a freshman would be to have one page or site where they can collect tips written by the Setonians for the Setonians. He really liked the idea, and so for my class action item, as part of the NMJ revision website, I'm going to make a document stating what I think first time writers need to know. These are going to be simple common things that the editors will be free from explaining if I make the document user friendly enough. I also suggested the idea of emailing a copy of the item to new writers. Dr. Jerz and I discussed the fact that a link would be easier to give them, because they could just click and have a site or page with hot tips. Dr. Jerz suggested that instead of making another site that wouldn't have a different name and address than the previous, that I just make a page. So, I"m going to develop a document and put it into HTML to be included within the website. For the inclusion of this document, I want: the number rule, proper punctuation surrounding quotes, a little bit of leads, as Leslie had suggested, and I'm not sure really what else I want to include. I just want the necessary, proper information of the specified things that have to be done a certain way. Certainly, Leslie's resources that she linked to were excellent, but I think that for someone who had never experienced these rules before, a student-written document would be best. Dr. Jerz said that he thinks I have the right voice to do something like that; and I think it would benefit editors and new writers alike.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what else I can add to my document? I just want it to be one page on a website but I want it to be simple. I plan on using lots of chunking and bolding for emphasis and easy reading.

Posted by Lori Rupert at November 6, 2006 01:27 PM
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