November 09, 2006

NMP: Project Expansion

In lieu of project two, I have decided to go with a suggestion made by Dr. Jerz and expand my first project. Currently, the player has an encounter with a girl of a different class and race; a girl with many issues. Upon this encounter, the player is thrust into the girls' life, complete with all of her emotional drama.

When I first proposed this idea, I wanted to have two diferent scenarios that the player could particpate in. Dr. Jerz suggested this may be too much to do at one time. Considering the scenarios would be completely different, it would be the same as developing two games. For the importance of variety and experience, however, I feel that it is important for the character to experience two different peoples' lives.

For this reason alone, I have decided that for my second project, I want to expand my first project. I want to have two developed scenarios that the player can choose from; each one will take the player through different hardships and rewards.

I'm not sure what I want the second person to be yet, how I want them portrayed. I know it is going to be a completely different viewpoint from that which the player experiences with the girl. It may not be a guy either, since the player is role-playing a guy. Really, within my game, a single person is doing two sorts of role-playing, so maybe they will be able to experience three points of view, if you include that of the player in the game. I want my game to open peoples' eyes to things they don't want to see or aren't familiar with.

Posted by Lori Rupert at November 9, 2006 11:00 AM
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