December 04, 2006

A Not so Scary Piece of Gaming Software

Dr. Jerz has been working for quite awhile now to get the HalfLife 2 and Hammer software to work in our wonderous lab of a classroom. Viewing his difficulties, I began to get scared. Or rather, I never got the chance to feel relieved. While terror had been a familiar feeling to me throughout NMP and the introduction into several new software programs I had never encountered, I managed to become comfortable and actually decent at some of the software. (Don't get too excited, I just mean Flash, Inform 7, and now, I guess I could include Hammer) I expected the same feelings to occur with Hammer that had occured with the others: I'm doing this a hell of alot more slowly than everyone else (or so I felt) and it's difficult and I won't be able to do it...insecure yes, but as I said, it was often gotten over after working with the software numerous times. However, with Hammer, much like Karissa, I was actually having (gasp!) fun! Right from the beginning! I even left a comment on her blog stating so! Hammer and it's tutorials were so easy to follow and they actually made sense. Chris and I were having a great time. Or, at least I was. Sorry if you weren't Chris, but I hope you were at least amused by me. I was having a great time making my ceiling (and walls) oriental rug-covered. My floor was some sort of...well, Dr. Jerz described it as corrugated iron, and my ceiling and walls were covered with an oriental patterned carpet. Dr. Jerz mentioned beaded curtains, lamps and couches and how I would probably have chosen those things were they available...he was right...anyways, I was having fun, not becoming frustrated, and actually managed to work through the tutorials with little frustration or confusion.

Posted by Lori Rupert at December 4, 2006 08:44 PM
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