December 12, 2006

(Another) Final Portfolio: I Actually Kinda Like This Stuff

Initially, my NMP entries were full of gripes and misunderstandings. From Interactive Fiction, which I have become ridiculously interested in, to Hammer, with a slew of software in between, my mind has been tested. My patience skills have been tested. My learning skills have been tested.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed learning about new software; but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I just think that maybe I would have been able to get into it more and appreciate it if we had less to learn about and more time to learn it was still a good experience though.

Throughout it all, I feel as though I have come out more accomplished and knowledgeable. And I've become obsessed with Interactive Fiction. Oh, well.

So, here it is. There aren't really many entries, none focusing on readings (since there were none), just project related updates and software reflections...and some business about comments....

Hammer-Time. Unlike my first experience with the other software programs, (with the exception of Flash), I actually enjoyed my Hammer experience.

Student Tested, Dr. Jerz Approved. I expanded my CST project into project 2. I had reached a progress point, and then, after I had made sure all of my scenes worked, and my character transition worked, I got Chris to beta test my game.

Zombies, Shotguns, Seagulls, and Pigeons, Oh My!. Hammer-Time the second was even better than the first! I got to add alien zombies (whose heads fly off after you shoot them), seagulls, pigeons (both birds purely by choice), a shotgun (also by choice), and of course some shotgun ammo so I could shoot the seagulls and pigeons. I mean, so I could defend myself from the zombies....

Commenting was rather sparse on the homefront this time..I guess it was in lieu of all the projects and senior years we've got going on...either way, I managed to throw in a few comments on the blogs...I did comment on people's work to them in person though. This was usually done in class, or in another class that I shared with that person. Alas, here are some written ones...

I agreed with Karissa about Hammer and the lighthearted step it put in my day. Experimenting with Hammer made me laugh out loud at myself...something that has become rare as of late.....

Again, I commented on Karissa's blog, again, it was about Hammer. I expressed my love for all things that fly (or waddle) within my oriental rug covered walls, and the great joy that was brought to me in shooting them...(er, saving them from the zombies....those poor little things...)

And, sad as it is, Academia has dominated my life. Thus, I have no "wild, Lori-rific" blog entries with which to amuse all of you. Slews of them will come shortly, I'm sure. It's all about having the extra few minutes to sit down and put them into Moveable Type.

Posted by Lori Rupert at December 12, 2006 1:59 PM
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