February 19, 2007

Media Lab Remix

Media Lab is more of a skill-building and team-work building class. The same concepts are introduced and involvement in the Setonian is encouraged. This semester, however, we are dabbling in something new: Podcasting. While my experiences with it will be reflected as well, Media Lab still focuses on Setonian involvement and journalistic development. So, first things first.

Lori Rupert was enthusiastic about this semester of Media Lab; she was excited to learn about podcasting and was enthusiastic about the fresh new faces of the changing Setonian officers. She had been presented with an article and was also planning on attending production and meetings; however, a short notice from her intern advisor about an out of town trip caused some mix-up in the plans. "I had to miss a class with podcasting voice exercises and I also had to miss Setonian stuff. It kinda messed everything up," Rupert said. According to Rupert "Admittedly, this segment wasn't very productive for me, but unexpected things were handled in a slightly off-hand manner. With everything straightened out, this issue will prove to be a more productive one in all aspects," Rupert said. Rupert will contribute to online production if production attendance is not sufficient enough or possible. With her schedule this semester, Rupert thinks it may often work out that online production is something she is more capable of squeezing in, but she really would like to attend regular production and at least copy edit. Another article is also an ideal for Rupert. The first didn't necessarily work out; however, Rupert was glad to see an article on the Maintenance department in the paper.

My Podcasting Reflections

  • The First Response. This was my initial response after reading the first several chapters of the book and listening to actual podcast shows. It also lists a couple of ideas that I would possibly like to do for a podcast.
  • Now, from experience. I had attempted some audio exercises. However, I must have done something wrong with the files that they are not working properly. I hope to sit down with Dr. Jerz and try to do the exercise anyways, although it will be at a much later date than my classmates due to my absence from class and then the snow date. Although I will probably not receive a proper grade for the assignments, I would like to try them again, hopefully this time with success.

As for my class project work, I really would like to continue with the development of the online handouts; particularly, I would like to continue on the development of my small website and hopefully present a completed one. Maybe I could make it a collaboration and put the handouts my peers develop on it as well. Or I could just link to their blogs. Either way, I want to make it chock full of information, without taking away any deserved recognition.

Posted by Lori Rupert at February 19, 2007 10:38 PM
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