March 27, 2007

Media Lab: A Real Taste of Podcasting Included

This issue of the Setonian didn't vary too greatly from any other; there were a few changes: A center spread editor, and other little things, I'm sure, but for me, it was still an adventure. I don't think anything worked out quite right. However, things already seem to be in good order for the next issue, so we will see. And hope.

Lori Rupert continuously seems to have a difficult time with production assistance; her already full schedule often collides with the publication week schedule. "This happens on a consistent basis because I always work the same schedule and production is almost always based on the same schedule," Rupert said. Rupert has thought of ideas to remedy this situation, such as helping with online production, but those times often collide with one or more of Rupert's jobs or internships.

Rupert attempts to participate in Setonian related activities and gladly attended the meetings when they didn't collide with her schedule. She even willingly accepts articles and this issue, even took a chance and was one of the first to jump on Valerie Masciarelli regarding an email. "Val sent out an email saying she needed writers for three particular articles; I immediately emailed her back saying that I wanted to write one for her," Rupert said. Unfortunately, the person Rupert was supposed to interview didn't call her back until after the paper was done. "I tried to reach her several times over Spring Break, when the article was assigned," Rupert said, "but she never answered and returned my call too late." Masciarelli was proud of Rupert, "She was one of the first ones to email me back; I was glad she took the offer, even if the article didn't work out," Masciarelli said. "I attempted to participate in another manner, since I hadn't received an article and was not able to attend online production," Rupert said.

Rupert hopes to contribute this issue; like each other, she is going to try, perhaps even going to the extent of having the editors email her articles to edit. "Something I could do on my own time would be the easiest and probably the likeliest way I would be able to help out," Rupert said, "My schedule is just too jam-packed."

Term Project

Currently, I am working on a website I started last semester which has all sorts of tips regarding writing for the Setonian. For this semesters term project, I want to finish that sight, but also include a podcast of interviewing techniques and tips and also one of me interviewing previous and the current, Setonian editor. I was going to work on the interviewing podcast with Rachel but I'm not sure if we are still going to work together. I am currently trying to establish some sort of groundwork for the editor interviews and trying to come up with a fun, beneficial way to talk about interview tips. Hopefully I will end up collaborating with Rachel on that particular podcast because it would be more interesting to do with someone else. If she doesn't want to or can't because of her own project, hopefully someone else will be interested.

Podcasting: Technicalities

I had several unfortunate issues with my first attempt at podcasting. First, I was unable to get a recorder, thus I never turned in a practice podcast. Then, when I was finally able to get a recorder, I got a podcast recorded, but then had problems uploading to J-web, as did several of my classmates. After that situation was taken care of, the batteries in the recorder died and I was unable to find more. Finally, finally, I got everything uploaded and put where it was supposed to. I don't know how well the file sounds, but at least it is up, where it should be. It is our first one after all, and we all had difficulties. It is Dr. Jerz's first time with podcasting as well. Hopefully, now that all the bugs are worked out, things will go better the second time around.

Posted by Lori Rupert at March 27, 2007 11:50 AM
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