April 9, 2007

Tis Another Portfolio

This issue of the Setonian seemed to fly by. I had been asked to write an article, which I successfully did this time, thank goodness there were no more complications. My other contributions were small, but extremely helpful and I plan on contributing in the same manner for the last issue, along with another idea I have. I have also included some tentative final plans for my website, along with podcasting issues and reflections as was required in the last portfolio.

Lori Rupert had some success with this issue of the Setonian. Her article was successfully completed and published in the latest issue. "I always seem to have issues, but then again, sometimes I take on possibly impossible articles," Rupert said. It was a center spread article, more of a tips list really, but nonetheless important to graduating seniors and students applying to internships. "It was a list of cover letter tips," Rupert said, "Tiffany said it didn't really have to be an article, it could be more of a list so I got information from career works and composed it in a creative manner, with some of my own thoughts, experiences and learnings." Rupert mentioned one of the key aspects of applying for a job: Sending a thank you letter. "I have heard stories of people who have gotten jobs because they sent a thank you letter. It is always a good idea," Rupert said.

Her other contributions were made possible by Stormy Knight, News Editor. Knight was willing to meet with Rupert at odd times. Their work schedules coincided, therefore they were free around the same late hours. "I helped Stormy copy-edit some articles, and I also gave her valuable information," Rupert said.

"I am a commuter; sometimes it is hard for me to get the names, titles, and years of people. Lori has always been a big help to me with this issue, and did so for this issue," Knight said.

According to Knight, she tried to give Rupert ways to help on her own time, due to her conflicting off-campus work schedule. "No matter what though, anytime I called or asked in class or whatever, Lori was able to help me fact check and figure out technicalities," Knight said, "I also appreciated her extra eye and ear during a few of my own copy-editing sessions."

"I know my contributions have not improved greatly, but, I was able to negotiate some time, even though odd and late, in which to contribute to the Setonian despite my work schedule," Rupert said, "I plan on working with Stormy again next issue and also asking Val if she would mind sending me copies of articles to copy edit or if there is anything, anything at all that I can do for her."

Term Project

My term project is coming along. I am completing the website I began last semester. It was about a page and a half last time and I intend it to be 4-5 with at least one podcast if I can get the sound files uploaded. It has different sections that are tips for new Setonian writers. They are problems I have noticed that editors usually encounter at the beginning of a semester or within the first article of a new writer. I figured that if I finish this and it can be posted maybe somewhere within the NMJ site, then potential writers can just click on a link and hopefully have most of their questions answered. I will have doubled the size/information on my website and added a new media element.

Podcast issues

Once everything is smoothed out from my existing podcast technicalities, everything should be smooth sailing as long as I can come up with interesting topics. I have one in mind but it was originally going to be added to my website, however, I have to double check that is still acceptable. Hopefully the next few go smoother than the last.

Posted by Lori Rupert at April 9, 2007 11:38 PM
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