April 27, 2007

(Podcast) Mission Accomplished!

I am quite enthusiastic about the latest podcast for Media Lab. Before we discussed the assignment as a class, I had the idea brewing in my head of doing something related to the Virginia Tech Massacre. Rachel had the same idea and Dr. Jerz liked the idea as well.

It ended up turning into a class podcast. We were to each produce individual podcasts that captured various responses about Virginia Tech. I covered the faculty/staff portion of the assignment. I had wanted to do this portion because I had hoped to talk to Dr. Boyle. Unfortunately, I was unable to meet with her; however, I got excellent responses from several other faculty/staff members on campus.

Not only was the content sufficient and pleasing to me, but I didn't have any technical difficulties either. I did have a slight issue with sound and distortion. This was my first time having more than two voices on the recorder and I noticed the difference in volume in each of my interviewees. I came to the conclusion that this occured because I let people hold the recorder themselves in order to try and up their comfort level. Even though I tried to demonstrate where to hold it, people were still going to hold it where they wanted to. Thus, all of the different tracks were recorded at different volumes. I just had to be careful when I recorded the files onto the computer and I could pretty much adjust the volume levels that way.

The most difficult thing about this podcast was getting the content. Yes, the issue is one that people will have emotions about; however, alot of people are afraid to voice those emotions. I had a lot of people not want to speak. I think the main reason was that they didn't want to be recorded. It didn't matter either way. I respected their decision and made it clear that people weren't obligated to particpate. I also had a couple of people who asked me to come back so they could prepare statements. I was appreciative of their participation and anything that could make them more comfortable was no problem for me.

I just wonder if getting reactions from students was the same thing? Were people shy? Or were they less worried about what other people would think?

Overall, I enjoyed doing this podcast. I enjoyed hearing the views of so many different people. I think this is my most successful podcast yet and I cannot wait to see the finished product if the class decides to combine all of the parts.

Posted by Lori Rupert at April 27, 2007 1:06 AM
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