May 5, 2007

Last Podcast: The Truth Comes Out

It's been a positively rough year. Period. I expected to change but I didn't expect it to occur in the manner it did or with tasks and challenges that at one point seemsed unsurmountable. As I've overcome those challenges and completed those final tasks, I find myself speeding towards a day that I am throughly excited (and ready) for: graduation day. It's great to finally be excited for that day, rather than scared.

As I compile my last portfolios and write reflections that focus on more than just my current semester, the work that I have done, the knowledge I have gained and the development I have gone through is more obvious than it has ever been. I finally feel that I have changed and I see proof and I love the person that I have become; a more developed version of the person I already was..and all of these thoughts tumble through my head. I get reminiscent. I get excited. I get scared. I realize more than ever that I truly can do whatever I want.

This is what I based my last podcast on. A briefing of these reflections, of my noticed development, of my cherished time as a Seton Hill undergrad. It's a sad time, but I realize it's a time for congratulations too. I have strangers who get really excited because I am graduating. That's a great feeling.

I just really wanted to capture the essence of who I am right now in my last podcast. I feel so fresh and young, but at the same time, sophisticated. I feel happy and excited to be alive. I feel extremely proud that I am about to become a college graduate.

It was a personal recollection of sorts..but..hopefully others can get that experience as well...or at least get a taste of it.......

Posted by Lori Rupert at May 5, 2007 12:21 AM
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