September 29, 2003

Where did the trust go? articles about how much news room journalism is BS.......this should prove for an interesting response.....

Obviously, people in the world today are a lot less trusting then they used to seems as if nobody believes anything anymore, but perhaps they shouldn't. After reading how much newscasters go through, just for the benefit of viewers...Well, I guess its not necessarily for just the benefit of viewers, it is also for the benefit of the station itself. Yet it is for the viewers benefit as well. Its a chain reaction, the newscasters play their parts to make the viewers happy and the viewers happiness is what make the news stations thrive. It reminds me of how dependent people are on each other, which is a really vivid topic to get into, so I will just let it be. The thing I don't get is, people understand what the news reporters are doing and they don't like or appreciate it, yet they still watch the frickin news......interesting.

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September 24, 2003

Walls hurt

My kind friend Anne told me that when you are angry or upset you should scream into your pillow....I haven't tried it yet but it has to be better than what i did......

Yeah, screaming into my pillow would have been more beneficial to my health than what I did. For all my anger and pain, all I ended up with was more pain, purple, green, red, and swollen knuckles. I punched a house twice, a wall twice and the roof of my car three or four times. It was lovely, but I should have listened to Anne and screamed into my pillow, perhaps I would have if she had told me before I decided to get into a fight with a wall. Well, hey, every experience teaches you a lesson right? Well, this time I learned not to get into fights with walls....or houses......or car roofs.....guarantee you, you will lose. Everytime. Perhaps if I had screamed into my pillow all I would have ended up with was a slobbery, drool covered pillow instead of knuckles the colors of Christmas.

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September 19, 2003

Are we kindergarteners or college kids?

Ok its time for me to vent. I had some bad times in elementary school and high school, with people not liking me just because their friends and such didn't, people hated me and would talk about me behind my back, which is perhaps the reason why I hate lies and backstabbers so much. I was so excited to come to Seton Hill, excited to be exposed to a new atmosphere with new people, and new experiences. During the first few weeks things were great, and don't get me wrong, they still are, in a sense. I love it up here, but within the past week, I have encountered the same sort of pettiness I hoped to get away from. I discovered that people were saying some things behind my back, obviously to afraid to say it to my face. Why can't people understand that no matter how mean it is, I want it to be said to my face. Granted, some people aren't like that, but I am. I don't care if its going to make me cry and tear my hair out, I want the truth and nothing but. Don't lie to me ever, about anything and don't talk about me behind my back. Please. The world would be a much better place if we were all honest with each other. This is not kindergarten, its college, a new branch of our lives. Come on people, lets grow up and embrace college with open arms, lets make something of ourselves and be remembered as friends, not backstabbing liars.

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