February 16, 2004


In lieu of all the valentines i got, yeah all six:), i began to reminisce......

As I thought about all the valentines i had received, all six of them, including the card my mother sent me, i began to reminisce about valentines day in grade school. I remember how in grade school, every year, we had a valentines day party and we had to bring in boxes to put our valentines in. The night before my party, my mom would bring out all kinds of art supplies, boxes, doilies, ribbon, lace, glue, construction paper, and whatever else we could find. My brother and i would decorate our boxes with the help of my mom, and then the next day we would carry them into school, proud of our creations. Then at the end of the day, when we got to have our party, we would all set our boxes on our desks..and see who gave us valentines..i was one of those kids who gave everyone a valentine, but now i wonder and try to think back to those who didn't give eveyrone a valentine, those whos mothers made them give everyone a valentine, or those who were just kind like me....Happy Valentines Day everyone...although this is a day late.

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February 13, 2004


I haven't blogged in a couple of days....and i hate to go a few without blogging, so i thought i would blog some random thoughts...

The first interesting thing i have to say is:Does anyone else know of The Dark Side of the Rainbow? The dark side of the rainbow is where The Wizard of OZ and the Pink Floyd album The Dark Side of the Moon are played at exactly the same time. The two coincide with each other. The other random thing i wanted to write about is The Yellow Wallpaper. In my Writing Short Fiction class, taught by Dr. Arnzen, our book features a segment from the yellow wallpaper. Its a segment that tells about three different crazy people. It was in the point of view section. I just found that interesting. Ok, so....um...yeah..that was really boring..i need something better to blog about..

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February 11, 2004

Blog in fives i shall

If in feet, it is, five to be exact
that i must blog, than blog in fives I shall

Rhyme words i shy from, none to sound the same
Tis Dr. Seuss i fear of imitating
Five feet per line, lines become an entry
Till Thursday i blog, fullfilling the five
Take that no, the wrong way, Dr. Seuss is great
His rhymes they fascinate both tall and small
Dr. Seuss I shall n'er be, nor shall any other
A man of skill and uniqueness alike
but me, I do only what's required
foot after foot i blog, an entry tis.

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February 09, 2004

Teach me teach me

In high school, i took a creative writing class and a journalism class, so most of what we are going through in Intro to Lit I have already learned, either in high school or in one of Dr. Jerz's other classes..*smiles* considering I had him twice last semester and twice this semester, but there is some things i am learning......

My favorite thing i learned was that I write abstract poetry..or at least that's what Puff calls it. I am happy thought that he compares my poetry to his, because he is a great writer. I also learned that my titles give away what my work is about. Tiffanywas kind enough to tell me this in her comments. My titles do give too much away, Dr. Arnzen also mentioned that on a piece i wrote for his Writing Short Fiction class. I guess that is something I should work on. I am really enjoying all this writing, because i love to write and it is my major, and i am always open to learning new things. Note to Karissa: I used the word glurbled on purpose, it seemed as though with that word, i was more able to actually hear the waterfall...i know its not a word..but i wanted to use it anyways..the word garbled reminds me of scambled words, like a word search, or eggs..when you accidentally break them and have no choice but to eat scrambled ones... i think water more glurbles.....*smiles and shakes head at ones own explination of a non existent word*

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February 05, 2004

Work in progress...

This is my intro to lit work in progress....feel free to compliment to whatever extent your heart desires..be it harsh and cruel or sweet and flowery, i can handle either end of the spectrum........be honest.


I feel like a ghost
Thrust among the living
Cold and dead
To all emotion
I hear
In different tongues
Words I should comprehend
Are a glurbled jumble
I see
But I don't interpret
I am cold
Made of concrete
Life flows over me
And off
A crystal waterfall
Rushing over a cliff
High above the world I float
Separated from my physical stance
Drifting through life
Pollen in the wind
I watch myself
Nothing more
Than a helpless character
Within a dream
Both my heart
And my mind
I am numb

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February 02, 2004

Truth be told

Well, obviously there is just some people in this world who are too cowardly to speak there minds....well im not

All of my life, all i have ever gotten is lies and all i have ever asked for is the truth, no matter how painful. I would much rather hear something from someones own mouth than through the grape vine. People just can't seem to grasp this concept however. Do you think i am a bitch? Tell me. Do i bug you? Tell me, because you know what, if someone doesn't tell me what i am doing wrong, than how the hell am i supposed to fix it? I mean it will just keep getting worse and worse unless i know about it right?I cannot help the way I feel, nor can you, the only difference is, im not scared of what other people think, so i can shout my opinion from the rooftops. I don't care if you hate me, so what, you just aren't who i thought you were, but at least if i know you hate me, i won't be trying to be your friend and figure out why you are mad at me. I dealt with so many sheep in high school, so many people trying to fit in and follow the flock, i really thought college would be different. Don't get me wrong, people are more individuals, they aren't conforming, but even worse they are still assuming. People assume, people gossip and people cower behind other people or within their own minds. Come on people, this is college, don't you have your own opinions now? Of course you do, my bad, you just can't speak and admit to them. Im sorry i forgot, your scared. Well quit being scared, don't try to protect me, i don't protect you do I? NO. I tell you what i think, i speak the truth, when are you going to start?

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What a wonderful weekend....

I tried something new yesterday, something i have always wanted to try, but never had the opportunity to do......

I went ice skating. Yesterday, i turned my phone on to find that i had a voicemail from my grandma, wanting to know if I wanted to watch my cousin ice skate and then go out to eat. When she came to pick me up, i found out that if i wanted, i could ice skate too, and believe me, i wanted to. I went out onto the ice not nervous at all, figuring if i fell, i would just laugh at myself anyways. My aunt and i spent the majority of the time holding onto my little cousins hands, but occasionally i would go skate a lap or two on my own, and i did really well. I didn't fall once, and i wasn't even wobbly. It could help that i know how to roller blade, but either way, i had alot of fun. Then, what could top it off any better than dinner at a nice restaurant. My family and I went to the Olive Garden (my favorite) for dinner. I really enjoyed spending time with my grandma, aunt and uncle, and especially my little cousins who are four and two, because i love little kids, and yesterday, they really took to me. I had a good night both Friday and Saturday, and yesterday made a great end to a great weekend....How was everyone else's weekend?

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