March 31, 2004

Conspiracy Uncovered?

I believe i may have uncovered an evil evil plot within the realms of the Seton Hill University campus. Lets elaborate: Many commuters are having trouble finding parking spaces, these many commuters are getting angry and venting over the said trouble, SHU has yet to actually build more parking, but rather seems to be igoring the issue..Lets think....RESIDENTS pay more to go here than COMMUTERS do. The conspiracy is: SHU is simply overlooking the problem because if they dont' build more parking, commuters, who are constantly late to class because of the said parking problem, may get sick of the said parking problem and decide to RESIDE on campus, thus paying a higher tuition, thus the school gets more dough. Hmmm.....dun dun dun...i have just busted out the magnifine glass and hardcore detective hat....mwahahahhahahha there a conspiracy in our midst?

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Well folks, you must have blinked, beacause that was March

Its the last day of March, its the last day of March, which only means one thing.......

Summer is almost here!!!! Even with the extra day in February, the past semester has been flying by, almost as fast as superman around the world..ok ok..i know..not funny..but anyways, the past semester has flown, March included. While i know i am going to miss my kick ass college friends (:)), I am looking forward to the summer so much, especially my new and exciting job. I need a break from all of the seems like everytime i turn around, i have a paper due. Ex. Me-"Whew....glad i got that paper turned in.
(An hour or so later)"Hmm..its time for class, better head off."
Professor-"So class, two weeks from now, you have a research paper due..."
Ok Ok so maybe its not thhhattt wait..yes it is. So many papers, so much concentration, so drained. I made a public service announcement to my future co-employees that i will pay any one of them ransom to come kidnap me when they leave for Cedar Point.....where are you summer...this girl needs a break.....

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Cannibalistic corpses WHAT?!?

So i had plans to go out to eat tonight(Route 30 Super Panda Buffet Honey Walnut Chicken and Shrimp YUM) which ended with a completely random decision to go see a movie...

So we went to see Dawn of the Dead, we being my close friend Stephen and I. I thought it was pretty good, if you like a handful of "normal" people trying to defend themselves against masses of cannibalistic corpses, combined with flames and shotguns, all while being locked into a shopping mall, which, coincidentally enough, is where we were too. I actually liked the movie alot, although some parts of it were cheesy, for example, those parts including a two dry erase boards and an elevator, although not in the same scene. But then again, Steve said the original was in black and white, and the old black and white "horror" movies were pretty cheesy. I have never seen one, but i have seen them on television shows, a show being watched within a show. According to my friend, it differed slightly from the original, which i gave never seen. It was, however, an interesting end to a good evening, i would see it again, although not in theaters, i think i will just wait until it comes out on video, then perhaps i will enjoy good old action of flames, shotguns, and cannibalistic corpses.

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March 23, 2004

Yay for complete randomness

In lieu of all the randomness invading the blogs, i decided to have some fun too, since im completely obsessed with randomness....

Homework is killing me, please leave love while it steals my life. That was my away message last night. I have been so busy lately, papers, papers, papers, oh yeah, did i mention PAPERS? That i haven't blogged in weeks, but this morning i finally got a chance to sit down and look at the site, and was in awe at all of the random bloginess. Random is my middle name...i have a running joke with some friends and we made and entire family of randomness..we are the royal familyof randomness and i am the part of my random randomness, i took the most useless quiz ever and found out i am a

I was very excited to find this out, completely thrilled, i had no idea that i was part of such a great species. The blogosphere has begun to die, but i am here to rescue it!!! Queen of randomness to the rescue!!! Wooohhhooooo!!!!!! (Perhaps i shouldn't have drank that cup of coffee this morning:)) Also, considering the blobs look a little lonely, i just may adopt one. I can't kill it, it can't run away, it has no choice but to listen to me, what a great pet!

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March 09, 2004

Gay, want to be married? Live in Albany? I don't think so.

The big controversy going on right now, spreading throughout the US is the gay marriage controversy.

In one particular article i found, which discusses several states views, a mayor in Albany, NY was barrred by a state judge. I think that gay people have rights too. I am one hundred percent straight, but i see no problem with gay people. They are people too, they have two arms, two legs, two eyes, two ears, a nose, they are human beings. They have feelings, they have opinions, they have voices. Trying to deny gay people rights reminds me of those who try to deny colored people rights, or women their own abortion rights. This is a supposed country of free choice, people move here everyday, so that they may have a choice, and here officials are, trying to restrict people. Ok, so you cheat on your husband, have three kids out of wedlock, and highly disobey your parents. These things are not moral, constitutional, or going along with the Ten Commandments, or so is some peoples opinion. And thats just it, their OPINION. They have a right to it, they have a right to do what they want, what they consider moral, i don't see that person being called a slut, or a disobidient child by high up officials. Gay marriage is just another right to be claimed, just another right that should be claimed. For goodness sakes, they like the same sex. SO WHAT? Why does that make them less of a person?

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It's a small world after all, its a small world after all.....

It's a small world after all, its a small world after all, its a small, small world.

I just recently found out what a truely small world it is. This summer, i am headed off to Ohio, to work at the greatest amusement park on Earth, Cedar Point, on the Top Thrill Dragster, the parks newest ride. So I have been going into a Cedar Point chat room, to talk with other fellow Cedar Point employees. The one girl Amanda, mentioned that she was working on Top Thrill Dragster(TTD) with me, and i asked her if she knew anyone else that was on it as well. She mentioned a name, Mike Rearick, i immediately asked her where he was from and other details such as what high school he went to. I attended high school with a Mike Rearick. And then she told me he was from the Apollo area, well i am from Avonmore, which is about fifteen minutes from Apollo, then she said that one of her friends had a picture, and would i like to see it. I said absolutely, and it was HIM. Turns out, we are both working there, and we both chose that ride, i haven't talked to the kid in a year.
The second occurence i have with it being a small world, concerns my aunts friend. My aunts best friend, Bernadette, has always been around at parties and such since i can remember, birthday parties, just plain get togethers, etc, Bernadette was always around. When I was younger, and her boys were younger, her two sons and i would hang out, talk and such, but then she stopped bringing them. Last Sunday, i was at my cousins for her birthday, and i was talking to Bernadette. She was asking me how school was and such, and then she says, Andy dated someone from up at Seton Hill. Andy is her son, so i said, oh wow, really? She says yeah, someone named Kat....and i know Kat, she lives across the hall from me. I haven't seen her son in years, literally, and now, he dated one of my friends. It really is a small world sometimes.

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March 04, 2004

Expect the unexpected..what a cliche

A commonly used phrase is expect the unexpected, but why is it that in expecting the unexpected, what i didn't expect because i was trying to expect the unexpected, but knew was going to happen happens? Ahh what a mouthful........maybe this will help explain.

"He's a jerk," my friend warned me. I believed her because i had slight proof but still, i don't ever believe what i hear, so i wanted to find out for myself. We hung out, things were good, i was starting to like him, trying not to, and trying not to trust him, because i didn't want to get hurt. Then i am thinking that well, maybe, since i am forever getting hurt that i will expect things to turn out good, but knowing in the back of my head, that things were somehow going to go wrong. So here I am, expecting the unexpected, giving the boy some credit, and he calls me and says lets just be friends, which is not necessarily him being a jerk, but it IS me getting hurt....RAR!!! In expecting the unexpected, what i thought was going to happen but pushed away did...RAAARRRRR!!!

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March 03, 2004

I lied

The weather is now not the only thing effecting me.

Last night, I went to see The Vagina Monologues. I really didn't even intially know what they were, until i read the advertisement for it which is posted around SHU. Once I understood what they were, i thought to myself, oh that will be interesting, i would like to go. Well, i had no money to buy a ticket but i really wanted to go, i wanted to go even more after reading some of the book, which i stole from Carla Rae in Lit class. The class right after that, a friend of mine offered me her ticket, because she didn't want to go. She declined my offer to pay her back. I went there expecting it to only be about an hour, an hour and a half, it was two and a half hours long and amazing. All of the actresses did an amazing job, i laughed and i cried. I was incredibly moved by the pieces performed, and the facts that were read off. I don't cry during movies or things like that, they don't effect me emotionally very often, but the Vagina Monologues hit a nerve. I had tears in my eyes. I am extremely glad i went to see it, and i would definitely see it again, i like the stories when i was reading the book, but seeing them acted out, made them hit so much harder, than the fact that they were TRUE stories. I warn everyone, some stories were vulgar at points, and some things were a little bit shocking, and i know the entire show itself is a hell of a controversy right now, especially at a catholic college, but i recommend it. You will laugh, you will cry, or you may not even like it, but i know i did, i want to go get the book now. Props to Natalia Cruz, who organized the entire thing, props to the actresses, the director, all of the guys who attended, all of the guys who signed the anti violence pledge on v-day, all of the people who participated in v-day, Rebecca Campbell, cofounder of the Blackburn center, who won the Vagina Warrior award, all people who attended period, all supporters of v-day and the Seton Hill Vagina Monologues performance and to all of the woman out there who were brave enought to share their stories for this project.

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March 02, 2004

Mother Natures Indecision

One of the biggest things that is affecting me right now is the weather.

The last Friday of classes was the first time warmth was able to shatter the cold. It was a blue clear sky, sunshiny bright day, at least at Seton Hill. I went home, which is only forty five minutes away, to find we had mounds of snow still, it was warm, but there was no promising green tips of grass blades poking up and adding color to the rather dull white of the snow. Then, I wake up the next morning to find out it had snowed, yet again. Everything was now blanketed in fresh fluffy whitness, including the roads. It then got bitterly cold again, and in the early week snowed so much my mother was wondering if my little brother had a school delay. A day or two after it snowed the second time, I woke up to the sun shining and the brown squishyness of my yard. The snow had melted, the sun was shining, and the ground was squishy. After that, mother nature kept throwing warm days at me, one after the other. I exited my house without a coat, not even hesitating about not grabbing one. Friday and Saturday both I layed on my bed reading, sun streaming through my window, sending a particular promising warmth through my body. Yesterday and today, i stepped out of the dorm, coatless, breathing in the fresh, cool morning air, and staring at the perfect blue, white puffed sky. Sunday evening i was walking outside in my socks, and not wearing a coat. Early this afternoon, Amanda, Stephanie Christian and I walked out of the Lowe door, giddily talking about the weather, on the count of three, we all breathed in deeply, amazed at the fact our nostrils were no longer freezing. I love this weather, i want to go swing, and play like a little kid. It makes me want to be small again, with no fears and no worries, it makes me want to bring out my summer clothes, slap my feet into some flip flops, but most of all, it makes me smile, and it makes me giddy. It makes me feel as though things are getting good, and new things are going to happen. Then, just when i start to really enjoy myself, mother nature shatters the illusion, dropping the temperature to half of what it was, and sending a different form of precipitation streaming from the clouds. Ah mother nature, when will your indecisiveness end?

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