April 29, 2004

Breakup Fakeup

So i know i already did some reminiscing, sharing the great lessons i have learned here at SHU besides academics, but this is a different kind of reminiscing...a tribute..if you will......

Believe me, i have been through many years of education, im sure everyone has. In elementary school, middle school, and high school, it was all the same. You know how goes:

Me-Hey, well, im going to miss you guys, would you sign my yearbook? And make sure to put your phone number in there, we have to keep in touch this summer.

Random friend 1-Yeah, of course we do, this summer is going to suck without all of you. (Scribbles madly, some touching message or inside joke, ending it with a barely legible signature, a phone number and the letters K.I.T.)

Me-Oh ok, ill call you, i promise, we will chill this summer.

And then we all go our separate ways, not seeing each other until the next school year, and it doesn't make a damn bit of difference. Really, i thought my high school acquaintances were friends, but did i make an effort to actually hang out with them all during the summer? Did any of us really keep in touch? Nope. And it didn't make me a bit sad, i knew when we left we weren't going to see each other over the summer. Sure, the cliques of the excessively popular people would see each other, but my acquiantances and i, hell no. Ok..so on to the tribute part, i would like to give a shout out to all of my friends here at SHU, all of my classmates, everyone. I am seriously going to miss you guys. Im sad about leaving, i don't want to leave, i actually care that things may be different next year because of not seeing each other all summer. Thing is, i can't see people, because i will be in Ohio, and all of my friends pretty much live in this state. I mean sure, there are those few friends, the ones that you meet, and stay friends with, and things don't change, those are real friends. I think i have found REAL friends here at SHU, because i am actually going to miss you guys, and i do suppose that if we really are real friends, things will pick up right back up next year...i sure as hell hope so....so...to all of you...thanks for making my year kick ass, have the summer of your lives, and ill see you next year...keep in touch...and i mean it this time....

*Hows that for sad, and sappy......*shrugs* Oh well, thats just me i suppose......

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April 28, 2004

Research Galore

Only once did i write a research paper before coming to SHU, and it was my senior year in high school. We had to complete a research project to graduate. Upon coming to Seton Hill, i defnitely got my fill and experience with research papers.

I had to do, i think one last semester, and i think three this semester. I am lucky to have Dr. Jerz for Thinking and Writing, because in knowing what he wants for that class, i know what is wanted for Lit class as well. Even though i was just taught MLA style my senior year, i still became pretty good at it, and remembered most of it upon coming to college. I am glad that i have a good memory and that i retained this information, it helped me to be less confused when it came time do begin our papers. Being forced to write research papers, has caused me to become a better writer. Because this was a more technical type of writing than i was used to, i trained myself to write in many varying styles. I could kind of do research before, i mean, i didn't do too bad on my paper senior year, but my real passion and talent was creative and journalistic writing. However, the more research papers i did, the better i became at them, as i taught myself what type of skills these technical papers required. I also think that writing research papers has helped me as an English major, because i believe as an English major, you should be accustomed to all types of writing. Although my research papers were alot of work, i am glad i had to do them. However, if i could do them over again, i would start researching earlier, and i would start working on it earlier, rather than waiting until the weekend before to put it all together. I would at least try to get some of it done in prior weeks, leaving the last weekend to tie up the ends.

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Nothing but a comma

Upon reading the play W;t, i analyzed many aspects of it today in Lit class. The main things i would like to share pertain to one simple line of the play, definitely my favorite line...

Brevity is the soul of wit (Pg 35). Stef, slightly confused as to the meanings, looked both of these words up in the dictionary. Stefs original definition of the line: "Shortness of time is the soul of intelligence." I thought it was a great idea that Stef did this, i managed to form some conclusions of my own, and i think that this key line makes for the entire play. Vivian declares on Pg 61 that "...but they can think for themselves only so long before they begin to self-destruct." When she initially says brevity is the soul of wit, she is primarily presenting this idea that she mentions on Pg 61, and is only shown further proof of it when her student stumbles upon his words. "Um...its like the more you hide, the less, no wait, the more you are getting closer" (Pg 61). One final point pertaining to this statement, she sticks to this when she decides to go DNR rather than code blue. Something can only go on for so long, before it weakens and eventually fails. In turn, her entire deal with cancer ties in with the statemen brevity is the soul of wit, eventually, she will weaken and die, the meds can only help for so long. Also, one of Vivians students brings up an analyzation of Donnes complexity "I think its like hes hiding. I think hes really confused. . . hides behind all this complicated stuff, hides behind this wit" (Pg 60). I think that this is an analyzation of Vivian. The more i read the story, the more i began to think that she is no more than a soft, sensitive little girl, hiding behind the leadership role of a teacher. Vivian finally realizes in the end that she can no longer hide behind her complexity. I don't think she is stupid in the least, i just think that she is not as intellectual as she tries to be, so she attempts to put on a false front, thinking that if she knows the material and teaches it to less knowledgeable students, she will look smart to them. Basically, she hides behind complexity, much as her student thinks Donne does. Also, i think Death be not proud has a lot of influence on this play. For example, in the second to last line of Death be not proud, "One short sleepe past, wee wake eternally" (Pg 30), Donne is saying that much like a comma to Vivian, to him, death is nothing but a pause. I think this line is portrayed in the last scene of the play, where Vivian comes to her end. She is wearing no clothes, and it going into the light, which i think symbolizes a new beginning. Therefore, this ties in with the last line, which states that death is nothing but a pause, Vivian is going as she came into this world, right into another one. I think the ending is very beautiful, with her nudeness and the light, and its just simply a pause in her existence, much as death, and a comma are.

Ok, so perhaps that had more analyzation than just pertaining to that particular line, but its still my favorite, and i believe i brought up all of the points i mentioned in class today that i wanted to further discuss. Brevity is the soul of wit is still the best line in the play though. :)

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April 25, 2004

The end is near

So today, after i finished my second research paper of three, i realized something. For once, i actually realized something and didn't just THINK it....

As Amanda wrote on her blog, i have finally REALIZED that i am going to make it. I am. I am going to finish this semester with a bang. I looked at all of the work i have to do this week, and i realized its alot, but i am going to be able to get it done, as long as i stick to the schedule i wrote out. Im really going to make it, Amanda, when i commented on your entry, i thought i was going to make it, but hadn't really realized it, and i understand now, what you mean when you said that its a beautiful thing to realize that you are going to be ok. Its so much better to actually realize it rather than just think it. In fact, its so good to have the weight taken off my shoulders, im going to take a break and go play in the rain. Thats right the RAIN, at 11 pm at night...oo yeah...gotta love the rain...

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April 24, 2004

Expressions of English

As far back as i can recall, i have always been a good English student, and i have always enjoyed it thoroughly. I was spelling words from lessons weeks in advance, much to my dads amazement, whenever we had to do spelling lists in grade school.

I have always enjoyed writing papers, whether they be creative ones of academic ones. Of course i like the creative ones better, but the academic ones give me a taste of the types of writing out there. As Karissa and Tiffany wrote, English is my release. When i am sad, mad, whatever, I go off by myself and i write. Writing is my major, and i throw myself into it completely. Specifically, in having Dr. Jerz for more than one class, my major has helped me. I have Dr. Jerz for thinking and writing, and he is in charge of the New Media Journalism major, and in his thinking and writing class, i learned many techniques which i have been able to apply in my other classes. In his other classes, the techniques have overlapped, so i get a double dose of them, guranteeing my understanding of the subject matter. Also, in being a writing major, i put forth more effort into my papers than most, which i think professors appreciate. Also, any papers of which i have to write, are not a pain in the ass to me because i really don't mind writing them. Writing, not only my release, but my helper as well, why would i choose anything else for a major?

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Diamond in the Rough

The blogosphere has been invaded by discussions of The Diamond Age. I was glad to see a variety of opinions, which lead to these many charming discussions. I myself have some opinions, they are pretty off the wall, but here goes.......

First of all, maybe the title has something to do with representation. Ok, so Nell is this little lost girl, who eventually grows to become a powerful leader, the entire time being searched for by Miranda. Diamonds take a long time to form and develop, and you have to actually look to find real ones, maybe Nell is a diamond. The development of a diamond and its difficulty to find natural ones represent Nells life. She is the diamond, and Miranda is the hunter. Perhaps thats why its called The Diamond Age, its the age of Nell and her becoming, and she is the diamond.

Second, maybe the title is a bit of sarcasm. Maybe its making fun of reality, because in the book, technology has advanced so far that diamonds are no longer rare. Perhaps its making fun of the way society actually is, because we are not extremely advanced technology wise. For instance, by the title, i would think that it would be the coming of the availability of diamonds, if taken literally. It would be the area in time where things are shown in the progress of advancement, however, it seems to me that in the story, things have already advanced. Rather, the title is named for past representations, but the book actually shows things already developed.

I don't know, but all in all, i really enjoyed this book, although i am not finished with it yet, because i didn't have time to read all of it, i do want to finish it and i intend on finishing it. Maybe i will come up with more off the wall theories once i reach the ending.

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April 21, 2004

Breathe, deep breath, one, two three GO!!

Damn me for being fearless, i may have told Amanda my courage disappeared, but no, it failed to do so, it was only slightly, momentarily squelched. Reason being is, i am an honest, blunt, fearless, person. I think people deserve to know how you feel about them, and well, as Amanda did say, im a hopeless romantic, key word being hopeless... i said that part..:) Ok, so here goes(slightly edited, for a touch of secrecy, but i really only omitted one sentence, to bad it was a key one....mwahahahhahha).....breath, breath...one...two...three GO

She sat there, no more than twenty yards away from him. He was approximately her height, an amazing miracle to her barely 5'0 mind. Someone as short as she, much less a guy. He sat there with his friends, joking and carrying on, she smiled at the mock cocky attitudes and random exclamations coming from their direction. She really wasn't sure why she was attracted to him, or if she even really was. One day, at lunch, she had found herself looking at him, with an inkling to get to know him. She wasn't sure why the attraction struck her so suddenly, or why it struck her at all. She didn't even know him, doubted he knew her name. Sometimes, in the cafeteria, she thought he was staring at her, but the logic of the situation quickly slapped her in the face. She knew he was single, but really, why would he be staring at her. She often read samples of his writing, which was her own passion as well, and she was amazed. He had a gift, a talent, some of his describings made her chuckle out loud at their sarcasm. People had told her she could write, and she loved to do so. When she thought about it, maybe this was the root of her attraction, they had a common ground. The dark blue gray of dusk settled over her sitting place, and as she mixed creativity with real life, with the whirlwind of thoughts in her head, she contemplated her level of braveness. She didn't stare beacause she felt as thought he could tell, but occasionally she looked at him. She decided on an anonymous act of braveness, it was both daring and safe at the same time. I mean, after all, its not like she loved, or even liked him, she just simply wanted to get to know him.

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All your hard work shall soon pay off

Im getting excited about a fortune, nonetheless one out of the cookies in OUR cafeteria......wow, i really must need summer....

I usually eat at the pasta bar everyday, and when they have oriental week, i also eat that. Everyday, i get a fortune cookie, and i open it and eat it while i am waiting for my food to cook. All your hard work shall soon pay off, today's fortune promised me. I got excited at the prospect of this fortune coming true, because for the past nine months, i have been working my ass off. Last semester i slacked a little, but this semester..DAMN. I worked on my research paper for STW, finally got it turned in, and thought once i had done so perhaps my stress would be slightly relieved, oh boy was i ever wrong. I have so much stuff to do for next week. Not only can i not find the time to blog nearly as often as i would like to, but i am missing out on the beautiful weather to sit inside and write research papers. Oh the joy of fortune cookies, even stolen fortunes...AMANDA. RAR! Just because it was on your tray doesn't mean you can steal it.

Amanda, besides stealing my fortune, has also deemed me a hopeless romantic. Ok Amanda, so i am a romantic, but hopeless is the key word there. See, i may have hope, while trying not to get my hopes up, but believe me, they are often crushed. My plans have been greatly foiled, i was about to go on a brave mission, being the blunt person that i am, but, certain things have surely crushed my budding courage. Its completely understandable, mind you, but still, but then again, perhaps i shouldn't have done it anyways....hmm......so umm......all of you people who know....please...shhhhhh.....perhaps things aren't ruined, i mean, they weren't even started, and who knows what may happen in time, i mean i still have three more years here, i suppose only time will tell, and perhaps the help of some inside sources.....*wink* Did you catch that one Puff? The *wink* was for you....he he he......*Insert smiley face*

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April 15, 2004

College Lessons Beyond the Classroom

Finals are coming up fast, spring is beginning to fade into summer, the end of the academic year and my sun filled, roller coaster riding summer job are the next exit on the twisted roadway of my life. Quickly approaching are the two, and i cannot believe that in a few short weeks, i will no longer be a college freshman. I was talking to a friend the other day and i mentioned to her how far i had come since dating her brother, not using him as a reason for me changing, but simply the event of "us" as a timeline. The school year quickly approached me and now just as quickly, its almost over. My freshman experience has been a great one, my classes have helped to make a more distinct mold of who i am academically, but i have had some jolts to my personality as well, so...without anymore soulful reminiscing, i bring you, lessons at SHU, what the outsiders don't see.

1. People aren't always who you think they are. I came to SHU thinking it was going to be better than high school, that perhaps here, i would be able to make friends who were willing to get to know me themselves and not be judgemental. In that aspect, i was correct to assume things would be different, however, in wanting to walk away from high school bullshit, i encountered a new variety of the sort. Apparantly, not only do people not know how to speak to your face, but they also don't know how to be a good friend.

2.Sleep is overrated. I have stayed up till the wee hours of the morning, getting sometimes three hours of sleep, or even four, i say, it is possible to function on this much, or rather lack of, sleep, a hot shower, caffeine and naps do wonders. Sleep is overrated, but naps rock my world.

3.Instant Messaging is addicting. I was a deprived child before arriving at SHU, i had no computer, no internet access, occasionally, at my now ex boyfriends house i would get on AIM, but i only had about ten people on my buddy list, most of whom were offline. I talk alot, and instant messaging is a form of talking, and often the reason why i am up till three of four am, but no worries, thats why we have away messages and naps.

4.The doors at the top of 2nd, 3rd Maura, and possibly other places, i think lynch, push instead of pull. The doors have the metal bars that you usually pull on, so therefore everytime, and i mean everytime, i walk up the stairs and reach one of these doors, i pull it. Or i push it, whatever i do is the opposite of how the door actually opens, see i really can't remember whether you push or pull.

5.Blogs are for personal opinion, research papers=academic only. I was incorporating a lot of my own opinion into my research papers, says Dr. Jerz. But i have since improved my academic paper writing skills, focusing more on being..um..i can't think of the word Dr. Jerz used to day, so i am going to go with less opinionated. :)

I know that as my days, weeks, months, and eventually years, pass here at SHU, i will learn more things, whether it be classroom related or not, but whatever the future holds im ready to take it on. As soon as i have a little three month vacation we like to call summer. :)

P.S. Congratulations freshman, most of you made it through your first year of collge, kudos, best wishes and hopes for many more happy memories to come, to my friends, i hope to share in those memories with you guys, my enemies...umm....we aren't enemies, we are acquaintences :) lol...and to the people who i don't know.....all you are to me now is a link on a blog, a face in the cafeteria, those shoes in the stall next to me, a face in the car that just tried to run me over, perhaps someday, we shall meet.....heres to good times, now lets get this damn summer started.. :)

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