June 28, 2004

Memories...alcohol induced or not...still there..

So, finding myself in my room at 2:08 in the afternoon, when i should be clearing trains and enforcing loose article policies, i find myself sitting in my room, comfortable clothes on and the air keeping me cool, the sound of the rain and the television comfortable background noise, i decided to blog some random nonsense.

I am currently on call until three....when i will probably be on call some more....because our ride is uber broken...being that i have some spare time, i decided to make use of it...im doing laundry, and checking my email, and filling my blog with some loving words. I was walking down the hall to switch my laundry, and i was thinking about last night. Last night, as part of spirit week, a weeklong drunken, themed party fest, was graffiti night. Graffiti night: Wear a white shirt, bring sharpie markers, have everyone drunkenly scrawl inside jokes and reminders of events on the shirt. While id rather be the DD for my friends than drink, i do drink occasionally, but even if i dont, i frequent the scene anyways, because i can have a good time sober. So anyways, i was admiring my shirt, because i have always wanted a shirt that everyone wrote on, but it had to have meaning, it couldn't be just anything, or it wouldn't be as much fun. But this is the memories of my crew, and i decided i was going to put other things on it from this season as well, inscribe all the good times onto a piece of cloth, so i can remember the summer of my life. Not only is this a reminder of my crew, but my other friends as well. I plan on adding things to it all summer, to make it an awesome, random, personal piece of art.

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June 22, 2004

And the world has come to this.

So i may work on the tallest, fastest roller coaster in the world, but is that really worth a possible missing child? Allow me to explain something i found so utterly disgusting and disturbing, it almost made me cry, and i don't cry.

The other day, i was working, Ha, when don't i work...just kidding, i love work, but anyways....i was rotating to freeway, freeway is where you sit at the point where the fast pass aka freeway and regular line merge, and one of my crew members, Erik, comes running up to me, and he goes "Did any cops go by here?" I said, "No...i havent' seen any...why?" He goes, "This little kid is sitting out there crying, hes been out there for three hours, his parents told him to just wait there." A little while later, Erik, and the kid, and two cops come up, one cop and Erik go up the queues yelling the childs fathers name, the other cop sits with the kid, where im at. The kid is crying his eyes out. Eight years old, and his parents told him to wait for them on the midway outside our ride. All by himself, and with an armful of stuff. Sunblock, and towels were a few of the things i saw. The worst part is, the kid was saying over and over that he just wanted to go back to where he was sitting so he didn't get in trouble. This lead me to believe that his parents beat the crap out of him. Its hard to explain, but the way he was acting, the way he was so extremely scared..i really do think he probably gets beat. In the end, we are all sitting there, and my Team Leader makes an announcement that if so and so is in line, the boys father, can he please exit off the platform and to the entrance. Seconds later, the boy spots his parents on an incoming train, so he is then escorted to the entrance and back to where he was sitting. I just know that they did reunite the child and parents, and the cops said they were going to be talking to the parents and i hope they did. I almost cried, it was really sad. I was ready to say, give him to me ill take him. Im eighteen and without a steady job, but ill save him from the torturous life he is probably living.

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June 18, 2004

A look inside...who really visits Cedar Point

So we have had many lists of bests and worsts on our blog, and lists of top tens and worst tens, i have decided to add a list of my own.....

Brought to you by me, is a list of things both stupid, funny, and annoying, that guests do. These guests are, to put it nicely, not the brightest crayons in the box.(In no particular order.)

1. *Its about to get blunt* Assholes. For example, guys, or girls, who give you shit about putting their hats down their shirt. My ride goes 120 miles an hour. We do not permit any loose articles, and all hats must go down the shirt. Who watns a hat flying at their head carrying 120 mph of force behind it? We are asking you to put it down your shirt, would you rather us tell you to get off the ride and put it into a locker instead? That would be anywhere from 3/4 of an hour to a 2 1/2 hour wasted wait. No, you cannot hold it, seriously you can't, and there will be no sitting on it, can you PLEASE put your HAT down your SHIRT?!?

2. Guests who complain about their lapbars being too tight. I mean, its not like its a safety measure or anything. Sure, you can keep your lapbar halfway up, no no no, you won't fall out while going 120 mph, at a half twist on the way up to 420 ft, and then a twist on the way down. You just might stay in your seat. And if not, i guess cedar point and employees may be up for being sued all because you didn't want your lapbar to be tight. True, we are all for guest happiness, but GUEST SAFETY is our number one priority.

3. Guests who sit in the train for five minutes struggling to buckle their safety belt properly, when it is obvious their physical proportions prevent doing so. Our rule is, the belt must be buckled and pulled to one inch. It must be done by the guest himself, we employees are not permitted to help out. Excuses are often given, "My jeans are bunching up" or "Its almost there, just a little more" If one is having problems buckling the belt, is it really going to pull one inch? Some guests sit there and stuggle with the belt, until eventually giving up and exiting the train. Its not like we can tell them to leave, all we can say is what the requirements are and that we cannot help them, otherwise we must sit and watch.

4. The guests who CHOOSE to stand in line for a billion hours while we are DOWN for rain. We make lots of announcements that we are down for weather and that guests are welcome to wait, but if they leave they are forfeiting their spot in line, etcetera etcetera. People wait in line, then complain of boredom and such and they get pissy. So i kindly explain to them that it was their CHOICE to stand in line, and they say, well after blah blah blah of hours or minutes, it would be pointless to leave. Then don't freakin complain about our downtime due to mechanical or weather problems. GRRR.

5. Stupid Questions. For example, its raining, guests come up to you. After staring at the ride for five minutes mind you. "Is top thrill dragster running?"

*Me-"No, im sorry, we are down due to rain. We can't run in any kind of rain at all, not even sprinkles."

*Random Guest-"So about how long do you think then? You know, until you will be up again?"

*Me-"Um, when the rain stops....?...

*Random Guest- "Do you know how long thats going to be?"

*Me-"Ummm when it stops?"

Random Guest-"Ok, thank you.

*Random Guest-"Do you know whats wrong with the ride?

*Me-"No sir, im sorry i don't."

*Random Guest-"Do you know how long its going to be?"

*Me-"No sir im sorry i dont"

*Random Guest-"Come on, and hour, a few? A couple a minutes, can't you give me a time?"

**Note: We really DON"T know whats wrong. We are not maintennance, they don't tell us EMPLOYEES.

6. Guests who exit to the left side of the train. We spiel, aka speak, on a microphone. "Welcome back riders, how was your world record breaking ride?" When your train comes to a complete stop, please lift up on your lapbar, unbuckle your seat belt and exit carefully to your RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Have an amazing day enjoying the rest of Cedar Point, Americas roller coast. That is what i say, guests don't listen, they like to exit to the left side, where theres obviously no where else TO GO.

So i didn't reach the magic number ten, but nonetheless, this is a little taste of the guests who are mesmerized by the smells of cotton candy, funnel cakes and snowcones. You know, the same ones whose minds are slightly morphed from being out in the sun for 12 hours on the midway in Cedar Point, right before waiting in line for two hours for the worlds top coaster. Wtih all the excitement, can you blame them for being a few bricks short of a wall?

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June 15, 2004

Even the numb get shocked

I am one who barely ever cries at movies or cries in general. It takes alot to make me cry. I have never been exposed to the more shocking elements of life. I have only ever been to one funeral, and that wasn't even until my senior year of high school. Right before i came to work in Ohio, i found out something that shattered all of the sheltered innocence of me.

At the beginning of the year, i frequented trips home on Friday evenings, mainly to visit my boyfriend of the time Zachary. In the two and a half months that i dated him, i became very close with his mother, his sister, and his friends. I practically lived in Leechburg, his home town. Over spring break, i went and visited him, it was the first time we had a decent converstaion since we broke up. I really enjoyed talking to him and hanging out with him again. Two weeks later, i found out something that completely turned my world upside down. I almost cried. The shock that someone i had once been so close with could do something like that.

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Is it...could it be...ME?

My crappy day has gotten so much better as of right NOW.

So i have been trying to blog for awhile now, just for the record. I said i was going to blog over the summer, and when i had a chance to sit down and do it, i kept getting this weird message telling me that my server had been changed and i didnt' know how to get onto the blogs from it. Today, i decided if it happened again, i was going to email Dr. Jerz and ask him what was wrong. I am assuming it was just our server being transferred or whatever that bologna was that was supposed to happen. Im so excited..i have my blog back. I thought i really wasn't going to be able to blog all summer. YAY. So ill leave this as an intro blog, i have many more entries to make to catch up to what i was planning to write when i couldn't.

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