July 07, 2004

Tempermental..whod of thought.

So once again, my ride is broken. June was a horrible month for it, we should have gotten better in July...but hey its only the beginning of July...so lets hope...

I was off two Sundays ago, during which everyone on my ride got sent home early...and Monday, i was on call all day, which means sitting in my room, by the phone..yay fun. Tuesday, i was on call at 10 am, told to go in at 1230, even though i worked a split that day (Open to 130 and 6 to close), so i worked for an hour..and then went home, everyone else got sent home at a little after five, so i never did go back in. Wednesday, i was told to go in at 1230, and i ended up working at like....4 when the ride opened. Then we ran good for a few days....until Friday of that week.....i was wondering around outside the coaster, doing crowd control, we had a crane around the launch area of our track, and everyone else was cleaning or something of the sort. Anymore, its really "cleaning" because things can only be cleaned for real so much, so we fake clean, or we play games...we usually just do something until we get bored and then we hide in the queues behind the wall, no guests can see us, and no supervisors go that way. So i go to entrance, then i walk up through the queues to see nine people sleeping in them. All curled up on the ground and covered in cottonwood, we have so many cottonwood trees up here, they reminded me of the characters from the Wizard of Oz, when they fall asleep in the poppy field. That was an interesting sight. They looked comfortable..so i joined them...what a nice nap.

On a side note, i found out something interesting up here that i think is pretty freakin shady. We, as part of park operations, have a policy, and random drug tests, and if you turn someone in, for whatever reason, drugs or alcohol, you get a 250 dollar reward.

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