September 21, 2004

Invisible, it burns

After discussions of The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, i have come to form some opinions which i mainly kept quiet about in class. Now that i have a number of things to say, i am presenting them for all to view.

First of all, one may wonder why Dimmesdale didn't speak up and declare that he was Pearl's father. Back in that time, men were not necessarily looked down on for things as much as women were. It may have been a little worse for him because of his profession, but had he been a regular townsperson, i don't think that much attention would have been drawn to the fact that he fathered an illegitimate baby. I think that by keeping it inside, it is more punishment to him and a wiser decision at that. Since he would not be greatly ridiculed by society (or so i think) he keeps it inside becuase that way he will always remember it and it won't be passed off as nothing. Also, by keeping it inside, its just eating away at him, he needs to tell someone but won't let himself so that he suffers possibly as much as Hester does. Another hot topic in class was whether or not Pearl should be told of her mothers sin. Alot of people wondered why Hester wouldn't answer the child's questions. I think it is better that she not do so. If she were to even begin to answer, the child would want to know more and more and more. Most people, once they know the slightest tid bit of information, they want to know more. If someone is ignoring you, eventually, one will just walk away, but if they say im mad at you, then you are going to stick around and ask why, what did i do, what do you mean, then there is room for discussion. If she just lets Pearl think what she wants, eventually, Pearl may give up asking. However, as i stated before, if divulged any information, Pearl will only want to know more.

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September 17, 2004

"Whirr, Whirr," said the taunting little machine

My first weeks here at SHU, as im sure goes for everyone else too, have been extremely busy. I have barely had time to hang out with my friends and get my homework done, much less do anything else. Today, a few bright hours of worktime ahead of me, i decided to do something i have been lacking in the past two weeks or so.

After getting out of work today, i went back up to my room, and was going to drop off my bookbag and gather my laundry so i could head over to Sullivan. and make myself at home for a good two hours reading The Scarlet Letter. I got everything ready and began my journey across the muddy sidewalks and through the torrential downpour. Draggin my bag down three flights of stairs, and then some more in sullivan, i finally made it to the laundry room, a tad wet, but ready for some bonding time with my laundry detergent and my assigned Lit reading (which by the way, i really like). I put my card in the machine, and attempted to insert my money, the machine whirred at me a couple of times, and the green lights on it just begging you to insert your green blinked in a much seductive way. I pulled my money out and made sure the corners weren't folded. Still, only the whir whir and the blinky green lights. I turned my green the other way, i turned it upside down, i turned it upside down and backwards, NOTHING was working. I proceeded to drag my laundry back up the stairs and to the bookstore, where i left it sitting outside to inquire about the said problem to the personnel within. They told me that a number of people had been complaining about the machine today. I said thank you and went back out to retrieve my laundry. Thankfully, it was all still there, none of the little monkeys i have been battling lately had stolen my underwear (Stupid Monkeys). I then proceeded to drag my laundry back though the rain and back up all three flights of stairs to my room. I have now determined the little monkeys broke the machine so i wouldn't be able to do my laundry so they would have more chances to steal it (Stupid Monkeys). At least i got to walk through the rain, this not only cooled me down, but made me slightly happier. I like rain, but i still have dirty clothes.

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September 14, 2004

Hi, how may i help you?

Ok, so this is yet another Cedar Point related entry, but i find it a mildly amusing idea, and i thought everyone else might too. Its not utterly disgusting, but lets just say for most its not dinner table discussion worthy.....

So one of my last days at Cedar Point, i was working GCA, or Gemini Childrens Area(Don't ask)which is in the back of the park, so i had never really noticed this before. I was on break, and went to the bathroom, and it was then that i noticed that some of the stalls have numbers on them. I then thought of the idea of restroom directors. It stemmed, i think, from the traffic directors we have in the parking lot. I lauged out loud when i began to think what it would be like if this were true. You would walk into the bathroom, someone would be standing there in an outfit(not sure what it would look like) and it would go a little something like this.

*Restroom attendant-"Hi, how may i help you?"
*Me-"Well, i have to use the bathroom..."
*Restroom attendant-"Absolutely, thats what we're here for. How much time would you like to reserve?"
*Me-"I reserve time?"
*Restroom attendant-"Yes, you can reserve a five minute block, for those quick, on the go bladder releases, or you can reserve up to twenty five minutes, for those times of .....difficulty. You can reserve any amount of time in between five and twenty five, the only condition being you must reserve it in five minute increments."
*Me-"Um..ok..ill just have...five minutes?" (How long does it really take one to pee...ive never timed myself.....)
*Restroom attendant-"Great! (flashes pearly white teeth) Stalls one through five are reserved for those shorter amounts of time, six thru ten are for the lengthier needs of people, so you can go ahead and decide which stall you want and sign in."
*Me-"Sign in?"
*Restroom attendant-"Yes, so we know which stalls are taken and which are not. We also have a comment sheet that you can fill out, we want your restroom experience to be the best, most comfortable one possible."
*Me-(By this time, just trying to use the freakin toilet, trying to savor the last fifteen minutes of my half hour break) "I'll just have stall three, and ill be quick i promise."
Restroom attendant-"Ok, well, i will give you the key right after you sign in." (another flash of pearly whites)
*Me-"All i wanted to do was pee, and now i have to go back to work, since ive wasted my entire break, im not exactly right next to the restroom, i need time to walk back."
Restroom attendant-"Im sorry your restroom experience was unsatisfactory, our comment cards are available. Next?"
I hear her say as i walk away, thinking to myself, thank gosh for bushes and the kleenex i carry in my pocket.

Hhmm...i conclude, that while extremely amusing, it would be a pain in the ass if we ever had restroom attendants. Guests, would get very angry. We would have more AURs (Accidental Urinary Releases) in trains because people would refuse to use the restroom provided for them. Either that, or guests will be complaining of bladder infections because they held it until they got home. While traffic operators are a decent idea, lets just hope anyone with the idea of bettering our restrooms holds off and decides to....ehh i don't know, as long as they stay away from the bathroom.

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Hold on to your sink, we're goin over the hill!

**On a side note, my roommate moved out where i was at this summer, making it impossible for me to blog, lack of internet access sucks, but anyways, i came back to school, and was so freaking busy, but now, with a little bit of time, im going to blog three or four entries.

As many of you know, this summer, i worked at Cedar Point, Top Thrill Dragster, tallest fastest rollercoaster. A previous entry i wrote while i actually had internet access, described alot about what i got at Cedar Point, and number one loosely related to the loose article policy.

For the complete understanding of this entry, i will explain our loose article policy in depth. Are you ready? This is big....NOTHING. One can take NOTHING on our ride. No basketballs, souvenir cups, stuffed animals, backpacks, purses, cell phones, cameras, or sunglasses, unless complete with a tight fitting headstrap that goes completely AROUND the back of the head. (Can't tell you how many times i said THAT this summer...he he). Yes, Top Thrill Dragster has a zero tolerance loose article policy. Its a pain in the butt to stand there and make sure none of those things actually come on our ride, but the policy itself is so simple. Your not having one stand there while you go over a list of articles in your head, you just simply tell them NO. Being able to tell guests no, what a feeling....mwahahahaha...... i was taken away from my glorious experience of saying no, one day when we were broken down, i volunteered to go work Raptor. I only ended up working for about half an hour, but i worked entrance, boy what an experience. Considering i worked previously on Top Thrill, Raptor entrance went a little like this:
*Guest walks by wearing sunglasses, and carrying a bookbag*
*Me-Sir, that go ahead....sir, those glasses expensive they look really good on you...

As compared to:That bookbag must be placed in a locker, or those glasses must have a tight fitting headstrap.

My dragster instincts were attempting to take over. See, Raptor, has no loose article policy. Wait, i take that back, you can't take big stuffed animals, big video recorders, and of course, as with any line, tobacco or alcohol. However, as long as you leave the stuffed animals and camcorders in your car, you can take your entire freakin house. Thats how they described it to me when i started.

*Me-"So uhh...whats your loose article policy?"
*Raptor employee-"What loose article policy? I don't even know what that is, here on Raptor, you can take your entire house if you wanted, kitchen sink and all, as long as it was a small kitchen sink, smaller than a backpack."

I can just imagine walking past Raptor and hearing: "Hold onto the sink kids, we're goin over the hill!"

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