November 30, 2004

Calling all entries....

*Kaleidoscope proudly brings you round two: A look inside the blogs (academic related) of Lori Rose Rupert. Enjoy the odd views and interesting interpretations and feel free to comment!*

*Lets begin with my presentation. A favorite of mine(although how it couldn't be my favorite is beyond me considering i have read it so many times):), The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Twisted Inside Herself takes a look into the psychological aspect of The Yellow Wallpaper. What exactly made Jane go crazy, or was she crazy to begin with? Take a look at my views, perhaps they can further help you to formulate your own.

*Slightly psychological as well, I looked into the way Tom Sawyer wanted to do everything "how it was supposed to be done". Does violence in televison influence kids? Does violence in books influence kids? Books sure influenced Tom Sawyer. Check out my connection of the two. Although not necessarily my belief, i think the two topics do relate.

*Real or imagined, John Henry was an influential hero, and a normal man at that. Don't believe me, or don't agree? Wanna know why i think that way?

*Does anyone really know how another person is truely feeling? Does anyone really dig deeper, past ones actions and speech to determine what they are actually thinking or how they are actually feeling? Rich and famous does not necessarily mean one is happy. Although, due to its content, discussions and opposing viewpoints may arise, Death is often unexpected has been published so that one may take a (brief) look into the lives of two "happy" men and their tragic suicides.

*Although dear friend Amanda has taken the route of feminism related to Ambrose Bierces The Devils Dictionary, I have chosen to take a look the real truth behind the claimed sarcastic, anti feminist piece of work.

*We experienced the script reading of our very own soap opera, at our very own Seton Hill University, in our very own American Lit class. Fascinating, i must say. (not).

*Creation of the Whites, to me, was just a need for a legend taken out of the Bible. Kind of like...the Bible revised. Or something of the sort, while interesting to read, im not sure i really liked it. I expressed my views a little bit more in my comments section, a response to dear Tiffany

**Whoa Random**
**A story of determination, a confession of guilt, a realization of rights forgotten, and a post similar to Amandas, all rolled into one.

***Lets Discuss***
Very few people decided to comment on my blogs this time, even the ones i had up ultra early, but, i guess you will have that. I still love my fellow bloggies anyways:)

***Tiffany, kind soul that she is, commented on two of my entries, bringing up interesting viewpoints which i kindly responded to. (Although the comments didn't happen till a later date, i decided to include them, so i could at least have two blogs which someone commented on. Death, and religion, very different, but nonetheless, very interesting topics indeed.

Sadly, round two has come to an end. None of my other entries were commented on, and I, silly person i am, neglected to comment on other peoples blogs. Lack of time was a big factor in this neglection, sorry fellow bloggies, and instructor Jerz:(

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Melodrama schmelodrama

Melodrama=soap opera, or something like it. I mean, aren't soap operas melodramatic? Guys, Girls, Sex, Relationships, Liars, Hardships, SOAP OPERA and GIRL OF THE GOLDEN WEST

To me, melodrama means (besides soap opera) *makes me want to puke* Mushy, gushy, overly dramaticness..ewww. Girl of the Golden West(from now on referred to as GGW, to save my sanity) has alot of drama in it. One such part Amanda mentioned, woah drama. It reminds me of some cheesy soap opera, where the cheating (pardon my language) bastard husband is lying on his death bed, holding his wifes hand.

*OH sweetie, i really did love you. I never meant to cheat on you, i really didn't, but you just made me feel so unloved, but it wasn't you, it was me. I had ridiculous self esteem issues that needed to be resolved. So, to prove i was an attractive 40 year old male, i went out and had sex with a 22 year old woman. But i thought of you the entire time, and you are truly the one i love. Please, please, tell me you love me before i die. (Dies)

*I love you.(hears no response) NOOOO i love you i love you somebody please help my husband please please nooooooo(her no's are excessively louder than the solid monotonous beep signaling her husbands heart failure)

Ok im going to stop before i really get into being (sarcastically) dramatic. But really, thats what girl of the golden west reminded me of, and i dont' even like soap operas. However, melodramatic just SCREAMS soap opera to me..go figure.

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Legend and Bible, similarities.

There was a lengthy discussion in class over the literature about the creation of whites, and it evolved into a discussion about the similarities and differences it presents when compared to the bible.

01:001:027 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God
created he him; male and female created he them.

01:001:028 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and
multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have
dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the
air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth

2. The Creation of the Whites

The Creator created a male and female of the white, and one of each of the yellow [Ottaway term for themselves] skinned people. The creation of the whites took place first. When this creation took place is not known. But the Males and Females were found to wander apart and discover no disposition for any sexual connection. The Creator to produce an inclination for a more intimate association and to use the means of multiplication: he took a rib from the side of each of the white couple. And the rib of the male he replaced with that of the female, and the rib o the male was placed in the side of the female. And the red [sic: the transcriber's use, I'm sure.] skinned pair were treated in the same manner. This was found to produce an inclination for sexual intimacy.

The creator clothed them. And when the two couple lie down to sleep at night he placed an apple by the side of each pair directing them not to touch or eat of them. In the morning it appeared that the woman of the yellow skin people had eaten the apple that was laid near the two, and they were naked. The white skinned people had not eaten the apple placed for a temptation; and their clothing remained upon them.

The basic geist of the stories is the same, God created people, the legend, a "Creator" created people as well, however, there are details in which the few differ. In the legend, the Creator creats two types of people, one of which messes up, and instead of having to be clothed, they are now naked. Maybe, for lack of an actual legend, the Bible was paraphrased and expanded on? One cannot be sure.

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Deviously Devilish: Purely sarcasm or truth in a backwards manner?

I have taken a much different direction on the Devils Dictionary than most. I have stayed far away from feminism, a widely argued topic between some classmates, including Paul, Stephan, and Amanda. I have instead decided to focus on the actual truth behind the believed sarcastic entries Bierce writes.

What if everything Bierce has said is the hard cold truth in a backwards manner? In read some particular definitions, mainly sticking within the letter A, because there is way too many to write on, i have come to the conclusion that Bierce is stating the truth, his way of looking at it just differentiates from what otehr people think.

The temple of the god Stomach, in whose worship, with sacrificial rights, all true men engage. From women this ancient faith commands but a stammering assent. They sometimes minister at the altar in a half-hearted and ineffective way, but true reverence for the one deity that men really adore they know not. If woman had a free hand in the world's marketing the race would become graminivorous.

Lets take ABDOMEN for example"the temple of the God of the stomach" Lets look at it not so literally. A God is someone whom people listen to, look up to, base values on, etc. "The way to a mans heart is through his stomach" An old saying stating that men listen to their stomachs, let their stomachs do the talking.(That doesn't sound stereotypical towards woman at all, in fact, its more against men, oops im staying out of that discussion). This statement is simply the truth. Some people do run things by their stomachs, their stomach is their higher power. Odd, but to me, it makes sense. The truth, but simply a different way of looking at it.

Our polite recognition of another's resemblance to ourselves.

ADMIRATION also strikes me as truth in an odd way. Do we ever really honestly recognize anyones abilities we aren't fond of? We may say"Oh that was nice, or "Good job" accompanied by a pretend pat on the back. Not necessarily resemblance to ourselves, but things that we relate to, and/or are interested in are the things we honestly acknowledge. In a twisted way, if you look at it and dig into it, these is merely a different version of the truth. Or, maybe i just have too much of an imagination.

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Legendary lesson teacher

A lesson learned can come in many forms, whether it be a consequence of an action, a formatted class room lecture, the consequence of someone elses action, a movie, a book; many resources can provide a person with an expanded insight into something.

Many fictional (or maybe not so fictional) characters exist in fables, morals or stories, all of which teach a lesson of some sort. A few such that one may have heard of are:John Henry, Paul Bunyan, and Pecos Bill. All of these men have performed extraordinary feats, although not all have taught a lesson, it still lingers in the readers mind whether or not they actually exist. Lets examine John Henry as an example.

"John Henry was a railroad man, he worked from six 'till five"(Stanza 1).
This sounds pretty normal to me, a railroad worker, a eleven hour shift, a little longer than the typical 8 hour, 9-5 day, but still, normal life occurance.

"Before that steam drill shall beat me down, I'll die with my hammer in my hand."
Also pretty typical, manly pride, wanting to beat out everything else to be the winner(sorry any members of the male persuasion, but you know that sometimes deep down inside you want to be the best:))

The rest of the of the early version sounds normal as well, John Henry fights for what he believes in, he dies in the process, his wife is sad, sounds like something thats often experienced. So, John Henry taught a powerful lesson, don't give up, and fight for what you believe in. A popular lesson that most try to teach their kids, "Quitters never win, and winners never quit". John Henry may very well be a real person, he may just as equally be nothing more than a fictional character, either way, hes remembered, discussed, and even investigated. Whether real or imagined, he has made an impact, and thats really all that matters.

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November 29, 2004

Death is often unexpected

In the readings of Edwin Arlington Robinson, i found some things i would like to draw others interest to.

Lets take a look at Richard Corey, for example. Richard, rich, admired, and seemingly to others, things came easily to him. He was who everyone wanted to be.

"In fine, we thought that he was everything to make us wish that we were in his place"(Robinson 11-12).

"We people on the pavement looked at him:He was a gentleman from sole to crown,"(Robinson 2-3).

"he was always human when he talked;But still he fluttered pulses"(Robinson 6-7).

These lines from the poem show exactly how people felt about him. He was deeply admired, and although acted as every other human did, he still made people nervous and edgy. He just had a certain air and quality that made people want to bow down to him, and made others think of him as a higher air. I know when i was reading this, i was thinking, wow, people want to be this guy, he has everything, admirers, money, anything one could want to be happy. Boom!! We reach the end of the poem, and Richard Corey has put a bullet through his head. Its odd that those we expect to be suicidal, often aren't the ones at all, they are strong and they push through, while people who seem to have everything, really are intensely lonely on the inside. This reminded me of another suicide as soon as i read it. This may bring controversy, as how some think this man was murdered, but Richard Corey reminded me of Kurt Cobain. Cobain was the lead singer of Nirvana, well known, popular band, had a daughter and a wife, only to one day turn up dead, suicide suspected Both these men, in my eyes, were well off, why did they kill themselves? Will anyone really know? What was going on inside their heads? What kinds of internal struggles were they dealing with? Did the glory, fame and admiration kill them? Was it too much to live up to and they felt they were failing? Did they then (Cobain) turn to drugs to escape it all and got fed up being a dependent on illegal substances? Will anyone ever really know?

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November 23, 2004

Tom Sawyer says "Do it by the book"

I know this entry is coming a little late, but still, its here. One thing i noticed that interested me throughout the book was Tom Sawyers stresses to do things by the book, and this, to me compares to a constant arguement about outside forces influencing kids.

There is a constant argument about outside forces influencing kids, violence in movies and video games has some convinced their kids will begin to like this as well. Its almost as if these things are saying, "Hey kids, its ok to beat the crap out of your neighbor, noone cares." Then, there are the people that argue the shows either don't influence them, or have positive effects. I think Huck Finn is a great example of books influencing kids, well, at least Tom Sawyer, in the fantasy sense. Tom Sawyer wants to do things exactly as he has heard them to be done. "I've seen it in books; and so of course that's what we've got to do...we've got to do it. Don't I tell you it's in the books? Do you want to go doing different from what's in the books and get things all muddled up?"(Twain/Clemens 7). Tom is pretty much saying if you don't do as told to, as expected to, its wrong. What could make him think that books are the higher up powers he must listen to? What makes children think television is the higher up they must listen to? And what causes them to listen to that rather than their parents. Maybe they see their parents as bad guys, i mean, Tom is an orphan pretty much, so he really doesn't have anything to look up to but what he does in his own free time. Usually, those of a bad background are those who are violent, they don't really have anyone to look up to either, but the "big" stars and athletes on television. Also, Tom is another example of this when he makes things difficult in the last chapters of the book because he wants to do it "right". "And theres Jim chained by one leg, with a ten-foot chain, to the leg of his bed;why, all you got to do is lift up the bedstead and slip off the chain." Is only one example, Jim could also get out the window, theres no watchman to be drugged, and many other instances where Tom insists on fabricating problems to have trouble getting a prisoner loose, so as to do it in a heroic way. And again, he mentions books. Understandably, its just a story, but, did Twain/Clemens realize this when he wrote the book? It was written long ago, just in the past couple of decades have people begun to argue over the violence issue, as violence is increasing in the world. Its almost as if Twain/Clemens was foreseeing the future, Tom is just another example of an influenced child.

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November 12, 2004

Whats in a name?

What exactly is in a name? Sure, its how you are recognized from the average, everyday Joe, but what else does it do for you? If we all lacked names, we could still be identified, in minor cases, such as a classroom setting. You could be "girl with red hair" or "girl in the yellow shirt", say theres more than one redhead, we have "girl with red hair one" and "girl with red hair two".

If we all lacked names, we could still be identified, in minor cases, such as a classroom setting. You could be "girl with red hair" or "girl in the yellow shirt", say theres more than one redhead, we have "girl with red hair one" and "girl with red hair two". In the case of life, this may get more difficult. Say you are speeding down the highway and get pulled over.

*Officer-"Excuse me Miss(or Mr.), do you know how fast you were going?"
*Miss(or Mr.)-"Nope, im afraid the speedometer doesn't work in my car. I just go as fast as humanly possible to get to my next destination...i mean...i go just a little slower than everyone else."
*Officer-"May i see your license and registration please?"

Now heres where the problem arises. What exactly would it say on your license? "Girl with yellow shirt?" Well, are you always going to be wearing yellow? And how many other people in this world wear yellow?

What else is in a name? Well, why don't you ask all of those people who name their cars. I can't say im not guilty of this one, but as of late, i have been particularly interested by the number of people who name their cars. How exactly does one determine the sex of their car? This is one question that pokes at my mind. Seriously, so many people name their cars. My roomate just recently invested in a green mustang, nice car, let me tell you. Its a little lady, Angelina to be exact. My friend Cara used to drive around a white lumina, affectionately named Marshall, after the rapper Marshall Mathers. Caras words-"Eminem is a piece of white trash, so was my car, hence the name Marshall, fits perfectly." Now Cara pimps around in Marsha, a red beretta.Cara also named my car, Big Red, after some redhead some boy was going to prom with on "That 70's Show". Athena has Lucy, a gray(silver if you'd rather) Tercel. My friend Heather, has Katana Phoenix, Katie for short, an amazing red trans am. Mike, who amuses us with dogfood stories and political debates, has Tiger, a cougar. So, let me ask you one thing, if your car has a name, does it come when you call it?

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November 06, 2004

My first(and probably only) (semi)election related post

In case anyone has noticed, throughout the entire pre-election period, including informal debates between friends, and the political rush which overtook the blogs, i did not say one damn thing about it. Well, ive decided its time to post my political entry. Not excessively political, or even entirely election related, but its time i voice my opinion.

As election day grew close, the campus began to flare up. People were running around registering students, the table outside the cafeteria was frequented daily with politic-related material, Mike kept broadcasting Republicans parties, a Republican club was started, and many unofficial debates were being had about the upcoming presidential election. I tried to keep quiet about all, i tried to get by slyly, but no, the question came up, more than once in fact. "Hey Lori, are you registered?" If you know me, you know that i am a very honest person, very vehement about NOT lying, i was forced to respond with the dreaded "No". My answer often received wide, extremely wide, open mouths, looks that could kill, and a "Lori Rupert, WHY NOT?" Occasionally an "Im mad at you" would pop up. I would then proceed to explain my reasoning, which is this: Initially, i had no interest in politics, not only did they bore me to death, but i didn't see what the big deal was, or why all these people were so into the election. I didn't care, so therefore i didn't want to register. I figured, why register when i didn't know anything about either party? I wasn't going to register and NOT vote, nor was i going to register and vote for the person everyone else wanted. So..i didn't register. However, the closer the election got, the more i regretted my decision(for all of you saying i told you so, believe me, im kicking myself now). I listened to my friends debate, even participated in a few discussions, read Mikes blogs, i even went so far as to go online and look at each canidates views. As the weeks went by, i became aware, and my awareness lead me to believe that if i had registered it was Kerry i would be voting for. Now, for the action part of my story. Come election day, my supervisor wasn't here, so i had no work, and at lunch my friends were discussing where they had to go to vote. Well, Athena was pretty angry because her absentee ballot still hadn't come through, and was curious as to what she could do. We decided we would ask SHU's very own Barbara Hinkle, registrar. Rumor had it, she was taking kids to the municipal building to vote. We headed to the registrars office, and talked it over with Barbara. She suggested a provisional ballot, and off we went to vote(i went along for the ride). We get there, and long story short, they told Athena she couldn't vote. They said to get a provisonal ballot, she would have to go home, and it wasn't their fault the absentee ballot didn't come through. Athena wasn't sure what to do. Once back at school she asked me, "Lori, should i drive home and vote?" I said, "If you want to, if it is that important to you. Ill come with you if you want." She debated, she had a class at two, i had one at three thirty, she said, "You will really come home with me for two days?" I told her that i just had to be back by eleven the next morning for class, because i had a test. I also had two other classes, but decided i could miss those, because i never had before. She said we wouldn't be back in time, and i gave her the option of leaving again that night, right after she voted. She was still contemplating, thinking we wouldn't make it in time, polls closed at eight. She went and talked to her teacher, handed in her work, i talked to mine handed in my work, and off we went. If you know me, you also know that i don't miss class. I don't just randomly skip class(minus computer class last year, it was boring and i wasn't learning anything, i already knew everything, and it was at 8am). I don't miss my classes, EVER. But, this time i did. Oh, thats right, i forgot the details. Where exactly was home? Driving home to vote..hmm..not a big deal right? For some, maybe, however Athena lives in Philly. Thats right, PHILIDELPHIA. Five and a half hours from here. Good thing the turnpike was pretty much empty (90 mph what?), we made it in four and half hours, a whole half an hour less than the quickest time Athena has ever made it there. We went to her house, walked to the firehall, walked in and she voted. That simple, no lines, no problems, we walked out at 7:06. We had been thinking we would be arriving at about five till eight, place would be packed etc, etc. Nope, we made it with an hour to spare. We hung around Philly about two hours, got ourselves some REAL (delicious..yummmm) Philly cheesesteaks, and visited Athenas mom. Then, we made the four and a half hour trip home. We got back around one thirty. Yes, folks, Tuesday, November 2, 2004, election day, i accompanied a friend to PHILLY so she could vote. I figured it was the least i could do, since i didn't vote. I realized something very important through all of this, i wanted Kerry to win, Kerry was fighting for pro-choice. I was supporting a person willing to give women their rights, however, i was, at the same time, denying myself one of the most important womens rights ever: voting. I had denied myself something others fought for, something most take for granted, including myself. I didn't take advantage of it, ironically enough, i was fighting for a right to be given at the same time. I am the walking version of why people should register, because now i regret it. Although Kerry didn't win, i didn't have a chance to voice my opinion, (and we all know how much i love to do that ;) For the next four years, i am forced to keep my mouth shut about politics, because i didn't vote. Prior to the election, i would have been happy to have not said anything about politics, now, i wish i could. Anyone out there who hasn't registered, anyone who knows someone, direct them here, read this, VOTE, especially if you are a woman, or hold your tongue for four more years. Its your choice, take advantage of it.

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November 03, 2004

Twisted inside herself

Initially, the woman in The Yellow Wallpaper is angered by the fact that her brother and her husband do not belive she is sick, and the fact they will not let her work. However, by the end of the story she is progressively worse, to the point where she is tired by doing the simplest things.

There are 180 listed psychological diseases diagnosed by symptomatic behavioral changes, and the lady in the story definitely does experience behavioral changes.

In the beginning, she wants to work, and is all about going out and doing things

"I believe that congenial work, with excitement and change, would do me good (Gilman 1)."
"I am glad my case is not serious (Gilman 4)."

It is after the Fourth of July that we begin to notice her extreme change in attitude.

"Of course i didn't do a thing (Gilman 6)."
"I cry at nothing, and cry most of the time (Gilman 6)."
"Half the time now I am awfully lazy, and lie down ever so much (Gilman 7)."
"It is getting to be a great effort for me to think straight (Gilman 7)."

I have often wondered what exactly it is that makes the main character go insane. Is it:
A) The house and the wallpaper itself
B) Her desire to convince others she truly is sick
C) Her desire to escape and get away and not being able to

I think that the main character in this story begins to put things into the wallpaper, to make her own shapes, to satisfy her own imagination. When you were little did you ever play the cloud game? You would look up at the sky, find a cloud, oh it looks like a puppy, or a dragon, or some other animal or object. It may not have been shaped exactly like your desired object, or even remotely close, however, because you wanted to, you made it into that, you saw whatever it was you wanted to see. I believe this is what she does pertaining to the wallpaper. "I didn't realize for a long time what the thing was that showed behind, that dim sub-pattern, but now i am quite sure it is a woman (Gilman 9)."
I think she begins to imagine a woman in the wallpaper, trapped much like she is. On page two, we find out the windows of the room are barred, and she declares of the wallpaper woman:"...she just takes hold of the bars and shakes them hard (Gilman 12). Shortly after that, she begins to associate herself with the wallpaper womans characteristics. After she sees the woman out, i believe she begins to get jealous, whereas she begins to characterize the woman, so that perhaps she may get out too. She sees the woman creeping by daylight, and then declares: "I always lock the door when i creep by daylight. I can't do it at night, for i know John would suspect something at once (Gilman 12)." I also believe she feels a loss of control, and one way to regain this is to help the woman, and to control what is in the wallpaper and when the woman comes out. "Besides, I don't want anybody to get that woman out at night but myself(Gilman 12)." I think she really begins to believe she is the woman around this point, or is in the process of becoming her. "I believe John is beginning to notice, i don't like the look in his eyes (Gilman 13)." What is he beginning to notice? Her actions? The fact that she is the other woman and is trying to hide it? She goes into a midnight frenzy about this point, shaking and pulling paper off, trying to free the woman. The next day, she locks the door, throws away the key, and proceeds to peel off the paper, freeing the woman from her wallpapered bars."I wonder if they all come out of that wallpaper as i did?" She questions of the creeping FREE women she sees outside her window. She however, still wants to live a sheltered life, creeping only in the room and not outside, she realizes her freedom is short lived and she will have to go back in at night. Her last comment to her husband "Ive got out at spite of you and Jane, and Ive pulled off most of the paper, so you can't put me back." He then faints. Here is where most begin to differ their opinions. I blogged slightly on this last year, and two of my fellow classmates last year, both in class again this year, think the narrator died. I however, do not think so, im not sure what John saw when he walked in the room, perhaps more people coming out of the walls and creeping? Maybe he saw a complete room that wasn't messed up at all, meaning all she sees is in her head, maybe he saw a destroyed room, and his wife, whom he thought was getting better, crawling on the floor. She was, as she began to state "Better in body perhaps, but not in mind." This was began on page 9 and John cut her off, however, i believe this is the idea that was in her head. Which also leads me to believe that either she knew she was going insane, or she was doing this out of spite. Almost like, "Look, you didn't believe i was sick, here i am INSANE."

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