December 14, 2004

Complain a little, in a kindly fashion, of course.

Yesterday, i headed home to spend the day with my family. It was an afternoon of ornament getting, tromping through the mud, and four wheeling in our Jeep, trying to get through the fields of Christmas trees. We got a tree, its too damn small, we are all in agreement on that topic, however, thats not what this entry is about. I was reading the newspaper, as i often do when i go home, and i came across a very interesting article.

I immediately decided to blog it, seeing as how it has something to do with blogs, and i haven't blogged in awhile for lack of a topic. This article was in the Valley News Dispatch, so when i got back to school, i went online, to their website to search for it. First, i tried clicking on certain links, and pretty much just playing around, well to be able to look at anything, the site informed me i would have to register. Ha. I didn't want to register for anything, however there was no way for me to view anything without registering. I gave up, after searching numerous times for anything related to that article, both on the papers site and on google, i gave up. Well, i tried again today, and was left in frustration once again, no freakin answers yet again. I did end up registering, couldn't find anything, and as soon as i hit the back arrow on my tool bar, i couldn't get back to view anything. I tried, and i inserted my email address as stated, but it didn't go through, and i wasn't taking the time to register again. I ended up clicking on contact us, a link that lead me to a page where all of the VND's employees are listed, along with email addresses. I emailed the general manager, and not only did i get a response, but i got that article too.

**Frustrated over VND **

Lori Rupert to kcawley More options Dec 13 (21 hours ago)

Mr Cawley

Hello, my name is Lori Rupert. I am a student at Seton Hill
University. My parents subscribe to the Valley News Dispatch, and when
i was home, i was reading the paper. I came across an article i found
very interesting, it was "Dictionaries make "blog" entry. It was in
the December 12, 2004 issue of the paper. I have a weblog here at
school, and i was excited to see this article thinking that i would
come back to school and post an entry about this article, linking of
course to the VND online presentation of the said article. I went to
the VND website, and it wouldn't let me look at anything without
registering. I didn't want to register, so i gave up, however, today i
tried to find the article again, and i registered, and i searched and
searched and cannot find this article anywhere online. Did you just
not put it online? I am not sure how to get to the older issues of the
paper online either. That is not clear to me. I would really like this
article so i can post about it on my weblog, i would appreciate your
assistance, if there is anything you can do for me. Either help me to
figure out how to find older issues of the paper, or send me a link to
the article or something. Anything would be appreciated, i have grown
extremely frustrated over this issue.

**The response**

Jeff Domenick to me, Kraig
More options Dec 13 (20 hours ago)

Dear Lori,

My boss passed along your e-mail.

Iím sorry your VND Web site experience didnít go well. The problem was the blog story was written by the Associated Press, not one of our staffers. Under our agreement with the A.P., weíre not permitted to publish their stories on our Web site. If you read the VND site regularly, you will see the only stories are ones locally produced.

But since you wasted some time in a hopeless effort, Iíve included a copy of the story with this e-mail. Please see below.

And thanks for registering on our site and providing us with this feedback. Info about what our Web readers like and donít like plays a role in the content of our page. I hope youíll stop back and visit our site again soon.

Jeff Domenick


Valley News Dispatch

**What you have all been waiting for**

Archived NewsFront Story

This story was published 12/12/2004 by the Lifestyles desk.

Dictionary-Top Words

From blogs to cicadas: 2004's most looked-up words follow the headlines

@byline:By Trudy Tynan

@bycredit:The Associated Press

@bodycopy:SPRINGFIELD, Mass. ó<$>The most requested online definition this year was "blog" ó a word not even in the dictionary, Merriam-Webster says.

Editors had planned to include "blog" ó the short term for Web log ó in the 2005 annual update of the print and online versions of Merriam-Webster's 11th Collegiate Dictionary, said Arthur Bicknell, spokesman for the dictionary publisher.

But in face of demand, the company quickly added an early definition to some of its online sites, defining "blog" as "a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments and often hyperlinks provided by the writer."

Typically, it takes 20 years of usage for a word to become prominent enough to merit a place in an abridged dictionary. Some Internet terms and new diseases, such as AIDS and SARS, have made it in a fraction of that time.

"Blog" began appearing in newspapers and magazines in 1999, according to the publisher's records. Merriam's lexicographers suspect the prominence blogs attained during the presidential campaigns and conventions this year sent people scrambling for a definition.

"It does sometimes happen that words in the headlines so grab people's attention that they become a most-frequently-looked-up word," said John M. Morse, president and publisher of Springfield-based Merriam-Webster.

Right behind "blog" in popularity on Merriam's year-end list were "incumbent" and "electoral." Other words on the list touched on the war in Iraq, storms, bicycle races and even the emergence of insects on a 17-year cycle: In fourth place was "insurgent," followed by "hurricane," "cicada" and "peloton." The eighth and ninth spots were taken by "partisan" and "sovereignty."

Bicknell said the company's Web sites get 10 lookup requests per second on average, and more than 100 per second during peak hours.

@ReferHead:Learn more

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December 03, 2004

Mariah is angry.

I had intentions on blogging an entry about the horrid wind, but Mike beat me to it, referring to the dear darling as Mariah. My story however, is a little different than getting blown down the Hill and playing in College Avenue traffic.

It was Wednesday morning the power went out, i remember this simply because i had a blog portfolio, and i was planning on printing it out that afternoon before class. I was so mad because i thought i would be screwed and have to turn it in late, because Dr. Jerz surely would have told me i should have had it printed out earlier. I had thought something was odd coming back up the hill, tree branches were down everywhere, the wind was blowing like crazy, i could feel it rocking my car, i was almost afraid it was going to tip me(i have a jeep). The previous night, i had awoken to a loud sound, similar to nails, screws, nuts, bolts, and any other small objects being thrown onto an aluminum roof. At first i thought it was rain, thinking back that morning as i drove up the Hill, i realized it had been hail. As i walked across the parking lot to Maura, everything was a mess, and the wind was still howling, the sky was black on one side, gray and orangeish on the other, blue and kind of dark on another side. I was convinced we had experienced a tornado, or were about to. I headed up to my room, and i saw the clocks on all the floors were stopped(they are right by the doors i pass to go to fourth floor). I thought this was odd, i felt like i was in a movie. I got to my floor, and all the lights were out, i thought this was kind of cool, i like darkness, i saw someone in the hall who informed me that the power went out, and then someone else said it had gone out about 5:45 that morning. My roomate was sitting in the dark, angry she wasn't going to be able to blow dry her hair, but i decided that it was shower time. Once i got into the shower room, i realized i was going to be showering in the dark. I shut the door, and surprisingly, it was not pitch wasn't bright and sunshiny, but i had class and wasn't waiting for the lights to go on so i could shower. I hopped in, and felt even more as though i were in a movie. I remember thinking that i felt as though i were in one of those movies where its the end of the world and im the only one alive. All i could hear was the water running, and the wind howling outside, sounding like dying children, and women being brutally murdered, compounded with opera singers and poltergeists. Yes, it really was that horrible and interesting at the same time, you all heard it:) I was actually enjoying myself, showering in the dark and all, i was a little scared i might wash my hair with face wash and my face with shampoo or put shaving cream on my wash cloth. Just kidding. It is funny to think about though, face wash shampoo and all. Just as i was thinking i could tell people i showered in the dark, the lights came back on. I was pissed. Not kidding there. I really liked showering in the dark, it had a relaxing sense, minus the dying, murderous sounding wind. Maybe i will shower at home in the dark, i may cause the water bill to skyrocket seeing as how there will be four people in the house then, but maybe i can save on electricity as a substitute.

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