February 25, 2005

Woe is me.

Woe is me, i haven' t had a chance to update my poor wittle blog in forever, and now that i am updating, its academic. We read this poem awhile ago in literature class, actually it was out of the first group of poems we read, and i have wanted to blog it, because i thought it brought up some interesting discussion points in class, and i also had some interesting views on it.

The Captured Goddess
By Amy Lowell

Taken from The Norton Anthology of American Literature

Over the housetops,
Above the rotating chimney-pots,
I have seen a shiver of amethyst,
And blue and cinnamon have flickered
A moment,
At the far end of a dusty street.

Through sheeted rain
Has come a lustre of crimso,
And I have watched moonbeams
Hushed by a film of palest green.

It was her wings,
Who stepped over the clouds,
And laid her rainbow feathers
Aslant on the currents of air.

I followed her for long,
With gazing eyes and stumbling feet.
I cared not where she led me,

My eyes were full of colors:
Saffrons, rubies, the yellows of beryls,
And the indigo-blue of quartz;
Flights of rose, layers of chrysoprase,
Points of orange, spirals of vermilion,
The spotted gold of tiger-lily petals,
The loud pink of bursting hydrangeas.
I followed,
And watched for the flashing of her wings.

In the city I found her,
The narrow-streeted city,
In the market-place I came upon her,
Bound and trembling.
Her fluted wings were fastened to her sides with cords,
She was naked and cold,
For that day the wind blew
Without sunshine.

Men chaffered for her,
They bargained in silver and gold,
In copper, in wheat,
And called their bids across the market-place.

The Goddess wept.

Hiding my face I fled,
And the grey wind hissed behind me,
Along the narrow streets.

Much of the discussion we had in class was spent trying to objectify the Goddess. The question on everyones mind was:"What exactly is the Goddess?" We spent alot of time trying to figure this out. Some possibilities we came up with:

*nature itself
*Lowells' lesbian lover
*Lowell herself

The last one, the option i came up with, is that the Goddess represents Lowell, and who she wants to be. It is an idealization, Lowell, although she isn't supposed to be, wants to be beyond society.

The Goddess is very beautiful, very colorful, pleasing to the eye, and she is placed well above everything in theh poem. What i was wondering is:Is she really this highly held or is this just how Lowell percieves her? In a mesmerizing trance, Lowell is blinded, therefore willing to follow the Goddess anywhere, not caring where it is she ends up. She is so impressed by the out-of-the-ordinary beauty, the uniqueness, of the dreamlike Goddess. This reminds me of the phrase "blinded by love". So caught up in emotions, the rest of the world is dreamlike and forgotten.

**I followed her for long,
With gazing eyes and stumbling feet.
I cared not where she led me,

Later on, we find the Goddess in the marketplace, a common place where objects are, wanted merely for their use. Once lively and looked up to, the goddess has been resorted to an object. Once objectified, naked and cold, Lowell turns her head in shame on what she once followed. Lowell wants absolutely nothing to do with the Goddess.

One may also notice the mood change in the poem is visible with the change of words, and colors. In the beginning, its beautiful, fantasy-like and full of colors. The tone is a happy, blissful one.

**Saffrons, rubies, the yellows of beryls,
And the indigo-blue of quartz;
Flights of rose, layers of chrysoprase,
Points of orange, spirals of vermilion,
The spotted gold of tiger-lily petals,
The loud pink of bursting hydrangeas.

The end of the poem features a desolate, desperate, sad tone. The color disappears, and the "grey wind hissed". This could be portrayed as anger, because about the time it is blowing and hissing, Lowell is running away, covering her face.

I think the Goddess is nothing more than a notion, a notion of what Lowell wishes she could be. Lowell would like nothing more to be above society, to be looked up to, and she dreams of this, but the reality of the fact is, she is common, more than likely objectified, and definitely not out-of-the-ordinary.

**I think im getting pretty good at this close reading stuff...and i like it too.

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February 14, 2005

I love you more than ice cream

Valentines Day, i know i know, you all have heard enough about it, you know the drill, you know the history, your tired of hearing about it blah, blah blah, but, this is cute/hilarious/annoying if you listen to it more than once. Beware, it plays, theres no play/stop button, it just plays, over and over(in fact, its what im listening to right now), but, it made me giggle. So, make sure your sound is on, and enjoy. Happy Valentines Day my bloginators, the blogosphere, SHU, and the general public.

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February 04, 2005

The big orange couch

More than once have i had discussions on this topic with people, and it does provide for interesting entertainment and mildly amusing renditions of theme songs.

Do you guys remember all of the old shows? All the good ones they took off the air? Hey dude, All that, with the old cast, like Lori Beth Dimburgs advice for every day life, and when Amanda Bynes was younger, Kenan teaching us French, the most ridiculous and not-for-every-day-use phrases, then there was Are you afraid of the dark? What about Salute your Shorts? Clarissa explains it all? I used to watch Snick, every Friday and Saturday for the weekend line up. I miss those shows. I got to thinking about this again yesterday morning when my roommate put on Saved by the Bell reruns at 7am. I thought to myself " I miss watching this when it was new, and then i got to thinking how much shows suck without the original cast. Like All that, now, i won't watch it, it was on for awhile, i don't know if it still is, but i miss the old cast, its just not the same. And the Addams Family, after the original Gomez died, i couldn't watch the show the same way, its just not the same to see a different person portraying someone who they aren't. I know the rest of you guys out their remember these shows, but does anyone else have the same problem, lsoing interest in things that are different then they used to be in our younger days?

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