March 31, 2005

Is it really spring?

Wow, its just like being at Cedar Point and walking down the midway at a ridiculously early hour. This is what i was thinking to myself as i walked across campus this morning, around 7am.

For weeks now, well ok, maybe not weeks, but as long as it has been above 30 degrees out, it has smelled like spring. I look outside, and it is so taunting, i get the sun winking at me through windows, casting glares on everything, the sky is blue, oh so crayola sky blue, and it LOOKS so warm out. I walk outside, my hopes raised slightly, and boom. I get hit with a blast of icy, cool air, not so warm. It smelled like spring, looked like spring, but the last element qualifying it to be spring was lacking:warmth. Today though, i was walking across campus, a sweater and flip flops and it was warm. At 7am, it was decently warm, it reminded me of summer. At the Point, when you have to be at work at 7:30 (a perk of working on the tallest, fastest rollercoaster, if you call 7am start times a perk), the park is empty, occasionally you will see maintenance men, or supervisors, but other than that, one is left to enjoy the smells of the park, the smell of the lake, the (annoying) noise of the seagulls, and the rollercoaster printed skyline. For some reason, this morning it just felt like i was on the midway again. Maybe it is because noone else was around? I don't know. All i know is my first thought was of Cedar Point, however, i suppose that could be because of my extreme desire to be there. Spring fever, summer fever, had-enough-of-school fever, whatever you want to call it, it has hit me. Once again, i can't wait to go to Ohio. The time will come though, and until it does, i will just have to (once again) trudge through the three papers i have due, and numerous finals. PS:You all had better come visit me in Ohio. You know you want to ride rollercoasters, and (shhh, dont' tell) i can get discount tickets. :)

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March 17, 2005

Yay for being Irish

I may be five different nationalities, but one of those happens to be Irish. My belief is that is why i am short, and why i have red hair too, although the red hair may be from my German background, i like to think its because im Irish. Anyhow.....Happy St. Pattys day. Irish people rock face, so make sure you kiss your favorite Irish person today, kiss ME, im Irish...:)

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March 08, 2005


Disappeared off the face of the blogosphere? Maybe...but not intentionally. I have two-three entries to blog when i get back, but for now, im enjoying my Spring Break in Erie, Pennsylvania. Home of...snow? Well, I am currently residing on the snow belt...woo. However, i am enjoying myself sleeping in till noon-ish, watching movies, heading to Perkins/Eat n Park for late night conversations and snacks and *gasp* relaxing. I hope everyone is enjoying their Spring Break, i know i am....see you guys on the flip side...or you know, back at SHU in a week...:)

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