January 31, 2007

Er, Hello? Is This Thing On?

Now that I am more familiar with what a podcast is, I finally understand the podcast tab on my itunes window; furthermore, I'm kind of excited that I have the ability to "subscribe" to podcasts.

Before reading the text for Media Lab, Podcast Solutions, I hadn't realized podcasting was so simple. It seems to be the easiest, most user-friendly way of broadcasting information. Not to mention the most personal demonstration. It was cool to learn about the history of the "podcast" and the simplicity and examples made me eager to start my own. Now, if I could just figure out what I want to do it on...

Podcast Ideas (?)

  • Interactive Fiction (STOP groaning, my fellow IF adventurers, it would be a great way to inform (about Inform 7, haha), but probably not the best way to teach; just an idea)
  • The Setonian It would be a great thing to include an informative podcast on the SHU website, would it not?
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January 27, 2007

An Indifferent "Token" Connection

The big, purple dinosaur. Everyone knows who I'm talking about right? Barney. Minnie Mouse is most commonly known to be with ? Again, the answer to this question is most likely one that has not required much thought. These comparisons are ones I feel I would be capable of interpreting; however, I feel slightly dysfuncional becuase I never really cared. In fact, I can't say I have ever had a particular liking for Mickey Mouse or Barney. I'm not saying I dislike these "token" childhood characters (although my mom says I used to cry when she put Barney on), but I don't feel that I ever liked them as much as the "average" child "should" have. Neither of the two has ever been of special interest to me. I never got excited about Barney or Mickey Mouse paraphenilia.

I realized the connection between these two characters this evening at a friend's house. His Mickey Mouse (yes, Mickey Mouse) alarm clock went off and i declared it as the most annoying thing ever because if I had one and I woke up to it, I'd throw it across the room and I wouldn't be a very happy camper for the remainder of the day. I told him that if I woke up to something like that, I would wake up pissed. He asked if I hated Mickey Mouse...my quick response, "Yes. I hate Mickey Mouse...I mean...I don't dislike Mickey Mouse I've just never really liked it, never really got excited over it...." And thus the explanation, followed by the Barney explanation.

Am I dysfunctional because I didn't cherish these "token" childhood characters? Am I weird because I don't see the symbolism or importance in them? Do I lack some childhood happy memories because of my indifference to these characters?

To the first two, I say, yeah probably. Eh, weirdness, dysfunction, difference..I enjoy my uniqueness....but I doubt my indifference had an effect on the amount of my "happy" childhood memories. I mean, I cried when I saw Barney...maybe I was scared, maybe I just didn't like him; then again, I don't really attribute crying to happiness, thus Barney added to my "sad" childhood memories. And Mickey Mouse, Mickey never really did anything for me at all.

I've come to realize after thinking about all of this that I don't really think of myself as "dysfunctional"; weird maybe, but I still don't see the greatness that everyone else does...I guess I don't really care.....oh well..it was just some random thoughts...

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