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November 21, 2005

Kindertransport Performance Discussion

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the discussion we had today in class about the SHU Kindertransport performance. It is fun to hear what everyone else thought, especially since we saw the performances at different times. I think hearing the different opinions and ideas helps me to appreciate the performance more and gets me to think about things I didn't think about on my own.

I enjoy discussing things in EL250 in general just because I feel like I learn a lot about all of you who are in there. I feel like I know you all a little better after having these kinds of discussions in class. That is really important to me because I enjoy learning about people and what experiences they have that are different than my own. It really makes me put my own life in perspective and it humbles me by making me realize how much I don't yet know. So thanks guys! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Posted by LorinSchumacher at November 21, 2005 1:13 PM


What a wonderfully kind blog entry, Lorin.

I always try to schedule a day like today during crunch time, so we can remind ourselves that we're here for the exciting business of learning, which has so many more dimensions than you can measure with grades and page counts and grammatical correctness.

While I think all those things are all important, they'd be hardly meaningful at all if it weren't for the spark of intelligence and eagerness for personal growth, that I've seen in so many ways over this semester.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at November 21, 2005 2:04 PM

I learned so much about others as well; however, I also learned a lot about myself. I never thought that I could read all of the plays that we've covered, in the time period that we did, and actually contribute to class conversation at the same time. I really surprised myself on what I was able to achieve if I just pushed myself.

Likewise, I really enjoy learning about other people as well. The most interesting part of college for me, is seeing all of the different backgrounds and different cultures that are present at SHU, or any college. You really have to face college with an open mind because your values and beliefs will indeed be tested. Though it's tough to keep your head on straight and focus on the most important things, it makes it that much sweeter when you can look back on your first semester as a freshman and say, "I know who I am and no one can change that." It's really a great feeling and EL 250 contributed to that by stretching me further than I thought I could go. It was a great experience.

Posted by: Andy Lonigro at November 28, 2005 2:49 PM

I thought the performance was really well done Lorin. I felt so much from the person who played Helga. She really showed the most emotion to me. I connected with that character more than anybody. The engish accents bothered me. I know I heard you complaining about that once or twice during the play lol.

Now that that is done with, I also enjoyed hearing everyone too. It's great to hear what people's view of plays are because everoyne has a different opinion so I was kind of enlightened to hear it

Posted by: Danielle Meyer at November 30, 2005 1:23 AM

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