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November 10, 2005

Commenting Frustrations in EL227

I feel as if this time around I was much better than usual about blogging on all of the readings for news writing in a timely manner. I am pretty sure I posted all my entires well before class. Yet, I feel like I have a lack of comments on my entries. To try to remedy this I tried posting my entries through MTQuickPost so that people could see that I had blogged and it would be easy for them to comment on it. But, I still feel that despite my extra effort, I am not getting as many comments as I would like.

At the same time, while I feel that I have done a much better job of blogging on time, every time, I have realized while compiling my blog portfolio that I still lack lots of comments on other people's blogs...which might contribute to the lack of participation on my blog by other members of the class. Although, I am still finding it difficult to find other's entries on the readings and navigate their sites. It is so frustrating to try to comment on other's blogs, when there seem to be so few people participating. Or maybe I have just missed something?

I think the fact that the drama class is so diligent about blogging and that we do links on the course website, only makes me more frustrated that the students in EL 227 aren't as dedicated to it. In drama I feel like I can count on finding a few people's entries posted by the morning before class. But, in news writing, I can't count on it. And it is frustrating trying to get through the long list of blogs to see if anyone else has blogged on the reading. It is very time consuming and I feel that I have wasted my time if I donít find anyone who has posted, or I donít have anything to say on those who have.

It is often more difficult for me to launch discussions about news writing because I don't have a much to say. In lit, it seems as if there are so many more original ideas to talk about. But in news writing, it seems like we are just repeating ideas presented in the chapters we read, so often when I do read a peerís entry I don't feel like I have anything worthwhile to say other than "good point" or "I think that is important too."

I really think I want to mention in class that we should all put links to our entries on the course site so that those who want to engage in the online discussions can avoid wading through site after site of peer blogs and not finding anything.

Posted by LorinSchumacher at November 10, 2005 1:05 PM


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