March 28, 2006

This is GREAT!

This is too funny to even write about! that's EXACTLY how you get over with people and the "liberal media" today! WOO-HOO! So I love when people (except myself) make asses of themselves and it gets plastered all over the news!

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Good to Blog

Hey people! It's me Lou. Nice to see you guys again. Just an FYI: MY doc says my ankle isn't broken, just sprained (but i can't come back to classes yet.)

on the writing scene: my mss got rejected; however, one of the editors liked the potential I had to ask me to do another type of book. So we'll see how that goes.

Right now im getting some research done (trying to find pics of what my hero/ine looks like, a setting, etc.) so..

I'm gonna keep an online journal (on this site) that is also mirrored on this site.

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March 14, 2006

Leave of absence

I just wanted to let you know..that im taking a leave of absence from SHU. I will be back in the fall, just in time for the football season. I love you and will miss you all.


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March 3, 2006

How do they know there wasn't any room for other opinions?,2933,186672,00.html

Cherry Creek School District administrators were investigating whether geography teacher Jay Bennish violated a policy requiring balancing viewpoints in the classroom, district spokeswoman Tustin Amole said.

"After listening to the tape, it's evident the comments in the class were inappropriate. There were not adequate opportunities for opposing points of view," she said.

Sophomore Sean Allen recorded about 20 minutes of Bennish's class during a Feb. 1 discussion about Bush's State of the Union speech and gave the recording to his father, who complained to the principal, Amole said.

Other than a 20-minute tape, how do they know how long the discussion was? How long are the classes at this High School? If they were like mine, 1 hr 45 minutes, then there's plenty of time.

Ok, if a teacher/professor can't speak his mind--then I don't really care what Jerz's opinion on journalism is (I really don't either, by the way.). I don't care what the College Republicans have to say either--and speaking of that, if a teacher can't have his say then neither should there be a CR, ESPECIALLY at a religious instution like Seton Hill University.

The students did protest peacefully, that I will agree with. But protest over what? A teacher doing what I do on a daily basis? So what? Big fucking deal! I had a teacher, Mr. Rutter, who supported on particular canadiate--as it became closer to the election, Mr. Rutter would push this guy down our throats and if we brought up other candidates then we were proven wrong--with actual evidence.

So people, in conclusion, shut up about it. and get a life.

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