Chaos in England!

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England must be having a whole mess 'o trouble if most of the current top stories on Google News took place in either England or the UK. I chose a short article that could only tell me that a boy had died and that a 14 year old girl was in a hospital with serious injuries. No true details, just that police had arrested two men and were treating the boy's death as a murder and that neighbors were shocked. When I found this story it had only been published 6 hours ago. That's a good reason for giving so little detail and only having a few sources.

I chose another article on how foreingers are now committing roughly a fifth of the crime in England. It went into detail on how immigrants are simply acting as they did in their home country without any respect for British law. This article had been published previously and updated this morning when I searched it. That gave reporters to find sufficient sources and to feel out the situation whith officials while gathering all of the facts.

If this is happening in England now, could it possibly happen in the US? Should we focus more on preventing similar actions on imigrants by offering educational programs or simply not worry about it and hope for the best? 

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I guess if the article is short and recent, people will want to know what happened and will keep reading the paper. Perhaps short and sweet is a way to keep readers interested, and anchor for what is to come.

Nessa said:

I liked how you picked articles that were recent- very recent (6 hours ago and then updated this morning? Nice). Ah the wonders of internet journalism. It's like having an on-the-scene reporter, but delievered to our computers instead of our televisions.

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