Other Accident Story

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I chose an article on a woman who ran a red light and subsequently died. There wasn't any fluff in this article. This let it be short, sour, and to the point. Even the quote, "Deborah Anne Greer, 36, died after a large utility truck smasehed into her passenger car at 9:23 a.m., Pena said." explains key elements of the article. This article was also short because car accidents are a fact of life, they happen every day. This article may be smalltown news but wouldn't appear on the frontpage of a large newspaper by any means. Only car accidents that have high casulty rates or long pile ups are going to make the frontpage most likely.

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Nessa said:

Sounds like your story was similar to the Gomez one- short and to the point. With accident stories, it seems like unless something real unusual happens, that's all they can be.

Stephanie Wytovich said:

I noticed the same thing when I was doing my reading, and I agree with you 100%. I felt like the bicycle story was newsworthy, but wasn't anything out of the ordinary, so short and to the point worked in this case.

Short and sour were just the words I would have used to desrcibe it. However, I think using just the basic facts dehumanizes the story. The reader might see the article and go "oh....another accident...that sucks.." What makes a person keep reading are the emotions the text evokes. The Gomez article, I felt, needed a quote or two that wasn't from a police officer.

Tiffany Gilbert said:

I agree with you that a story like this would only be "small town" news. Sad to say, but truthfully. If we were to dwell on accidents such as this daily, where would the other news come from or be? News like this cannot beat around the bush because at the end of the day, no one will remember that "fluff" that covers the core of the story.
Good thought.

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