Spoken News - Where 'o Where Have You Gone?

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Attention! Attention! Today we announce the death of Spoken News!! Chapters 2 and 3 really focused on the importance of Spoken news in cultures and less developed peoples. They went on to describe the impact of coffeehouses in England and cafes in France as a veritable fountain of Spoken news. Introduce the newspaper and you see the decline of Spoken news and while less men travel to coffeehouses to hear news. 

Newspapers replaced the importance of Spoken news, TV may have very well killed Spoken news, and I'm pretty sure that the Internet and Wireless technologies have completed the process by burying it 12 ft. under! That's only what I think. Anyways, did anyone else think that while only men could enter coffeehouses and hear the latest news that women have developed a stereotype for being gossips? Could women have had their own news-filtering network that stemmed from washing laundry or some other activity that only women performed?

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Jeremy Barrick said:

Coffee houses are more popular now than ever. But, what we see is matrons on their laptops, sipping lattes, and isolating themselves from the rest of the world.

Portable phones are definitely given the spoken word a new venue, but texting is so convenient that this generation of teenagers talks less than previous ones.

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