Mock-vater + Clapper-de-claw = an irate Frenchman lead on a leash

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"Caius: Mock-vater? What is that?
Host: Mock-wter in our tongue, is valor, bully.
Caius: By gar, den, I have as much mock-vater as de Englishman." (MWW, Shakespeare, Act 2 sc.3, pg. 45)

There's nothing quite like a Frenchman who's so worked up for a fight and is then being insulted by those that never even tried to talk him out of his rash decision. And it's all over a woman to boot! By the awesome power of the footnotes, mock-water means a possible corruption of muck-water or make-water, with an allusion to urine analysis. So, that sputtering Frenchman who has a hard time of speaking English to begin with, has been insulted by Host despite the fact that Host made it sound like a compliment when he asked. This is just too much! Especially when it goes to poor Caius' head and he thinks that he's actually going to slice up this priest as if he were on Caius' operating table. Not a big fan of the Hippocratic oath I see. The comedy really shows through in this scene where Host keeps egging Caius on and then says, "He will clapperclaw thee tightly, bully." Which basically means that the priest's gonna win and the Frenchman's going to be eating dirt (or worse). If the two had actually went at each other, there's no telling what would've happened, but one thing's for sure...Anne would have had at least one of her suitors out of the way!

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Angelica Guzzo said:

Maddie I too found this funny. You always have great insight.

Angela Palumbo said:

This is a great insight Maddie. I agree with Angelica, not simply becuasae our names are similar, you do have great insight. I enjoy reading your blog page!

Evan said:

You are so creative. You explained everthing so well, and you were even able to throw in tons of humor. I love this entry!

Greta Carroll said:

Ha ha, yes she would have had one less suitor to deal with. On that note, isn’t it interesting how all these guys are fighting over Anne, yet we as the audience see very little of her?
But, it is very amusing how Shakespeare portrays foreigners, and not just the French. The priest is Welsh, after all. Both speak ridiculously, think ridiculous things, and are just ridiculous people in general. However, despite their inanity, they nonetheless receive great respect from society at large. I find it particularly humorous when the two make an alliance to get revenge on the Host. Put the two together and you really have the dream team.

Kaitlin Monier said:

This was a very amusing scene with great dialogue. I love how the Frenchman does not understand the insults the Host throws out. I also like how the Host convinces the Doctor that they are actually compliments. It makes me wonder if the Doctor will use those insults in the future thinking they are compliments.

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