You see Black, you see White...I see only Gray and the eternal fight.

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“But on another level it also suggests Christ’s rebuke to Peter when Peter tried to call him good, and Jesus responded that no one should be called good (Mark 10:18)--a mistake that the Grandmother makes repeatedly in her encounter with the Misfit. At the same time, it is also true to say that, excepting Satan, no one should be called totally evil, certainly not in any absolute sense. Good and Evil, as potentialities and as actualities, are inextricably inter-twined in human beings, and this is true for bothe the Grandmother and the Misfit.” (Desmond, Essay on O’Connor’s “A Good Man is Hard to Find”)

Everyone has a mixture of good and evil within them. Often times, people of high ideals try to look at the world through eyes with only black and white vision. By doing this, they mix the intricate range of gray that flows everywhere and through everyone. Debating the fact of whether one is good or evil is one of those moral questions that ethics teachers no doubt like to ask you, perhaps more accurately law professors and lawyers in the courtroom. I, myself like to ponder questions that often seem to have no definitive answers (at least until I start to get a headache).

However, after ruminating over this conundrum, one starts to think about the criminals that are so often condemned as evil. What does the above quote have to say to the murderers, the rapists, the child molesters, etc., etc.? Well...that’s just it. It’s ultimately up to each and every individual person as to what constitutes good and evil, and where the final blurry line between the two ends.

There is no sorting hat to choose for you, you've got to step forward under your own power. Now choose: Good or Evil? (Don't worry. You'll eventually end up at the same place!)

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Greta Carroll said:

Good title, Maddie! And I agree with you, things are never as easy as being in black and white. But I think it is not just that every person’s idea of good and evil is different. I also think that it is important to remember that just as no one is “good”, no one is “bad” either. Serial Killers are certainly not the greatest people around, but even they have to have some good in them, and I think that is one of the points Desmond is trying to make. Just as “a good man is hard to find,” a bad man is also hard to find (which is of course exacerbated by individual people’s opinions of what good and bad is).

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