It's a Birthday Hapday!! Surprise...You're not much for surprises are ya?

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"Do you know what great birthday this is?" he asked." (O'Connor pg. 69)

This is gonna be the birthday to end all birthdays folks! Not only is Ruby the soon-to-be unhappy mother of a bouncing baby, but today's the birthday (or death most likely) of her former lifestyle. Kids do that ya know. All her life Ruby's never wanted to become like here mother, so beaten down by the birth and/or loss of her children that she seemed to have died on the inside a bit. I've heard it said that with every birth there comes a death, even if it may be small. Well, Ruby's certainly going to get a crash course in motherhood, especially if she keeps on denying the obvious. That's why it seems all the more ironic when Mr. Jerger asks Ruby what great birthday it is, because for here, it's really a great deathday. I know, morbid much. At least its better than Ruby having heart trouble or another terrible illness, though knowing Ruby, she'd probably rather have the illness as opposed to the kid. However, perhaps Ruby's experiences with Hartley will spur her into raising her own child in a better manner than Hartley's parents obviously did.

Now, if you'd kindly step up to the ledge, yes, that one. you just hold still 'till I push you over the edge of that there bottomless pit. Understand? Good! Click HERE to fall into never ending darkness.

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Katie Vann said:

I wrote in my blog how I wasn't sure if Ruby would rather have a baby or receive news that she has cancer. You're right Maddie, she's about to get a crash course in motherhood which would require her to do all the things she refuses to, such as going to the doctor.

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