Voices for me and foil for you...at least mine serves better conversation!

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Voice: "the narrator of a literary work, of FICTION of POETRY, is the one who tells the story." (Hamilton, pg. 112)

Foil: "a character who contrasts with the PROTAGONIST in ways that bring out certain of his or her moral, emotional, or intellectual qualities."

When reading the passage pertaining to Voice, I was pleasantly surprised to read that the narrator of a literary work is always different from the author in some way, shape, or form because the narrator is partly made-up by said author. Even if the author is telling about a specific point in their life, the narrator differs from the author now because the author has had experiences since the point in time that the narrator exists in. "That voice may be implied by various aspects of the NARRATION,..., which emerge in the telling and which may be discerned by the attentive reader." (Hamilton, pg. 113) Anyone ever wonder why I sometimes write funny? It's 'cause I don't know how to spell the wurds, it's jus' 'cause it makes the attentive reader pay 'tention to what I'm writin'. That, an' I find it pretty funny too! We form judgments about characters by how they sound in our heads. Nothin' like accents an' whatnot to bring that inta focus, eh?

Now for the next bit, and I'm not writing about aluminum foil here! Our good man, The Bard, Shakespeare, is probably the most notable author who created foils for his main characters to be measured up against. I find foils useful in the fact that they allow the reader to gain important insight into the protagonist. Without the foil, it would be much harder (not to mention time-consuming) to make the reader see the complexities lying deep within a character. We all need them, you might say that your enemies (or the people that you dislike) can easily display your negative qualities, while your friends bring about your good qualities. Think on it long enough and you'll realize that the mirror is not a foil, only a reflection; only other people will truly provide a surface from which we and others can judge us.

Alright, who wants to COLOR!

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