What a way to go...

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"Not many people remembered to come out to the country to see her except the old priest. He came regularly once a week with a bag of breadcrumbs and, after he had fed these to the peacock, he would come in and sit by the side of her bed and explain the doctrines of the Church." (O'Connor, 252)

Wow. When I read these lines in the closing paragraph of "A Displaced Person," I couldn't help but hope that my own future days never end in such a like manner. Not only did Mrs. McIntyre only listen to the priest in order to gain cheap labor years ago, but now she has to listen to him drone on about the same old subject day after day. What's worse is that she can't even speak back to him since her voice failed not long after she first took ill. However, think about the breadcrumbs that the priest brings: when I read this I immediately thought of the Hanzel and Gretal fairy tale where the children left a trail of breadcrumbs to find their way home. In the end thought, the crumbs were eaten by birds, just like the peacock. It also seemed kinda strange to me that the peacock would still be on the farm when all of the livestock had been sold off. Maybe no one wants an ornery old bird, or maybe the peacock represents the brilliantly colored past of the farm.

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Juliana Cox said:

I agree. I do not want my future to end up like hers. The entire time the priest was trying to preach his beliefs to her throughout the story and it seems that now he finally gets his chance to have her listen to his words only because she cant talk back or interupt him. That sucks! I do like how the priest gives the peacock bread crumbs however because he appreciates the bird unlike her. If it wasn't making her money then it was usless. I believe thats how she say things while she lived.

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