When's it best to do what and...Sweden's NOT neutral?!

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Ch. 3: "What's the best time to attend graduate school? There is no best time, just as ther's not a best time to get married or to have children or to buy a home." (pg. 49, Lemire)

Ch. 6: "Seldom do you encounter an individual who considers differences in taste to be morally neutral, and simply something to be tolerated because nothing can be done about it." (pg. 119, Lemire)

Everyone wants the answers to all of their questions. All too often, people want someone else to tell them what to do, give them advice, or walk them gently through hard decisions. So naturally, people will want to know exactly when its the right time to surge on towards graduate school or even when to go back. No one holds all the answers (or if they do, they're not telling). Everything depends on the individual and Lemire aptly demonstrates this concept. Although, I've heard that quite a few monster-in-laws will having something to say about the married thing.

The second quote above gets to the heart of the matter. Tolerance and understanding needs to be present in some form in order to understand others and the manner in which they work. As English majors, most all of us have encountered those individuals who either say that they can't read, that they dislike to read, or well and truly can't read in order to save their lives. Not everyone likes to read the same thing, as evidenced by the many genres of literature. Everyone's got their own unique take on things and that is the way of it all.

Alright kiddies, time to step onto the nice, giant elephant. I swear he won't eat you. Hopefully.

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Greta Carroll said:

You’re right Maddie, we all want someone to tell us what to do for some degree. I think it goes back to the same reason we wish there was a big book of answers that all the English teachers have. Life would be so much simpler that way…but it would also be more boring. And it’s true too; I have run into many people who claim to dislike reading. And I agree we need to be tolerant of their feelings, I would just like to point out that they are usually not tolerant of ours (those of us who love to read), so I think both sides need to work on that issue.

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