Your major's yours, but your major's not you. Get it?

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"Regardless of your major, however, remember: Your major is not you. Nor is your future determined or limited by your major. If it were, every politician would have majored in political science." (Lemire, pg. 183)

There have been quite a few questions that this book has helped to clear up, mainly involving exactly how an english major can survive out in the real world. The sentences above though, really spoke to me. In high school, several of my peers thought that if you went to college in search of a degree in english, that you were going to teach it. As for the rest, they mostly asked, "English? What're ya gonna do with that?!" Well, at least an accomplished author (Lemire) believes that various english majors can succeed in the world. Not only that, but we are not owned or eclipsed by our majors. We choose to step on the paths that lead to teachers, journalists, professional writers, or any of the other multitude of jobs available to english majors. It's simply sad that others can't see the same choices for us. In today's world of nine to five jobs, a family, a house with a two door garage, and two cars to fit in the garage, people can't help but wonder how a would-be writer can support themselves in addition to the perfect society family in the future.

I personally found it gratifying that an accomplished english major was willing to give so much advise to those just walking onto the playing field. "At certain points in your life - and not just when you're fresh out of college - you may have to look for work outside your field, outside your comfort zone, and outside your expectations of yourself. And guess what: You might find what you're looking for, out there." (Lemire, pg. 183) So here it is, it's gonna be scary steppin' out into the dog-eat-dog world, but when we do, we might just find something that we never realized that we were lookin' for.

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Kayley Dardano said:

I too wrote on this topic in my blog I think this is a very interesting point and everyone needs to think about this you are not your major your major is you. everyone has more than one interest and hobby so use them all.

Tiffany Gilbert said:

I like how when we are students in college, we study the same thing as everyone else, but after graduation, everything changes. We all lead different paths and jobs that are so unique those same classmates with the same major are not doing anything close to what you are. There is only a set schedule and regulation for so long, but after that, it is OUR time to actually choose the way we want to go...

Amazing huh?

Great analysis, Maddie. They can't label you by your major. Everyone is different, so when they leave here, they will all choose to do various jobs with that major. I don't care much for Lemire, but he does give some pretty good advice at times.

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