Garbage, garbage everywhere and...DON'T TOUCH MY BOOKS WOMAN!

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"Yet I can't help thinking, in its defense, that our system of punctuation is limited enough already without us dismissing half of it as rubbish." (Truss, 136)

Whew! Alright kiddies, this might not be what you were al hoping for, but we can't simply dismiss half of our punctuation marks because we don't like them. They may be too hard for some to use for a variety of reasons. However, perhaps a change of perspective is in order. This being written, that probably isn't the only thing! Some individuals complain that certain punctuation marks are too difficult to learn or the fact that they don't use certain marks for such and such a reason. While these ditherings may present themselves with respectability, I think they should be met as a challenge (often like the learning challenge that they are!). We can't simply throw away that which we fail to use; if such a thing were to occur, think of all the crap that we've hoarded away over the years with our pack-rat mentality?! The already overflowing garbage fills would then enjoy even more stress. And can you even imagine how high your refuse bills would get?! Oh well, some mental cud to chew over.

"Knowing that the printed word is always edited, typeset and proof-read before it reaches us, we appreciate its literary authority. Having paid money for it )often), we have a sense of investment and pride of ownership, not to mention a feeling of general virtue." (Truss, 180)

Now then, if you've ever had the unfortunate chance to ask me about my hobbies, you'll hear reading at the very top of the list. I personally cherish books, or at least the written word. I rarely loan out my books (except for those respected personages) and I often experience a great physical pain whenever I am separated from a dearly beloved novel. That being typed, there are those chosen books that have forever earned them my fantasy of burning them in a gigantic heap! When I read the quote above, I couldn't help but empathize with Truss in her despair over the internet and cellphones and such demolishing books. I can clearly remember several moments when my mother attempted to donate a few boxes full of my old books. She argued that I had already read them, that I hadn't plucked them off the shelves in a while and it was time to pass them on. What a load o' bollox! Here she was, throwing away my trusted friends! Anyways, I rescued numerous books from a horrible fate (they were to be donated to my elementary library and I know how those children treat them! by simply taking the boxes back to my room and squirreling them away until I wished to revisit old tales. Even now I still ask my mother if she's planning on cleaning out our library when I leave on trips so that none of my friends disappear on me. For all of the internet's wonders, I do relish the printed words. I can quite proudly type that I am one who enjoys the smell of old tomes that have been hidden away from the world, yet still existing nonetheless.

What we have here, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a failure of communication. All you need do is plug this in here--ZZZTT! "Well, he was askin' for that, really."

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Katie Vann said:

I know how you feel Maddie. When I went home over spring break, I found out my mom had went through my room and had taken several books from my shelf to donate to others. Although I'm sure the other people appreciated these books, I certainly didn't appreciate her taking my stuff without asking. Especially since I plan on becoming an English teacher and could have probably put those books to good use.

Stephanie Wytovich said:

I loved your entry simply because I have a similar experience with her book hoarding. I never get rid of books. And when I say never, I mean never. Once my mom boxed up a lot of my books from when I was younger and was going to donate them to charity and when I found them all locked up in a cardboard like jail, I thought that my heart was going to break. I immediately rescued them and put them back in my room where they were free to breathe all the air that they needed. I, like yourself, much prefer the written word over that of the internet. If it comes down to reading an article on the internet, or a article in an actual newspaper, I’m without a doubt going to pick the newspaper. That’s just the way that I am, and that’s probably never going to change. I mean I love my computer and all, but I’d much rather curl up with a book! Oh, and just so you know, my mom has never since tried to throw away my books, haha.

I am the same way with my books. I hate lending books out to people because I know, that when I get them back, there is going to be some mark on them that was not there before--whether it be a potato chip crumb or a ripped page or a slightly bent book cover. I was very stingy as a child (and I still somewhat am) but I am very protective of my things, including my books.
Another thing I will never understand is how people can read poetry online. I always end up buying the book that has the collection of poetry in it. My most recent purchase was Pablo Neruda's "20 Love Poems and One Song of Despair" which included neat pictures from Picasso, I might add. :) Books are just better than the internet.

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