It all comes back to ya in the end!

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Well, here it is, the final blogging portfolio for EL 150: Intro. to Literary Study. So much has been posted, while even more has been discussed amongst peers. The various links provided below represent differing characteristics seen in blogs created by me. Each link will hopefully display a growth in each category.

Coverage: It's certainly the one thing that we can't live without, no matter how ya look at it. Listed below are two links to blogs that show adequate coverage for someone visiting my writings without actually being in my class.

Timeliness: Ahhh. There's nothing quite like a good bit o' time in which to get everything done that you need to accomplish. What's even better is getting it all done before the actual due date. So what can type? I like to have all of my worries out of the way and the best way to do that is to work ahead. The entries below display this particular will and investment of my time.

Sweep Off Those Stickies for a More Concise Look...This means you.

It's a kid eat kid space station - the worst school ever created

Interaction: It's okay. We all eventually have to come to grips with the fact that we human beings are social creatures. (Yes, even those old crabby, grouchy hermits are social beings. They're just a little out of practice!) The blogs listed below show a number of comments left upon a certain blog entry.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...I Am The Scariest Of All.

Garbage, garbage everywhere and...DON'T TOUCH MY BOOKS WOMAN!

Depth: And no, I'm not talking about how deep the ocean is, folks. Depth can be found in most any subject that inspires passion in the writer or teller. The blogs below allow you to see a few topics that really stirred my mind into action.

Color Coded Bunny Fishers

Self preservation is the same behind any masquerade mask

Discussion: Just as we are all social beings, we all feel the need to communicate in some fashion. So, discussion amongst peers is a big thing. Below you will find two links to responses that I've left on the blogs of peers.

“Meaning-of-life Garbage” by Greta Carroll

Varied Syntax by Angelica Guzzo

Well, that's it folks! Read ya later!


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